Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Traveling Bags

     I got this great idea from my friend Tori from Lil' Mrs. Tori about putting together some goodie bags filled with little treats and activities to surprise my son throughout our road trip to Texas.  Whenever he started getting bored or whiny I gave him one of these bags to keep him occupied.  

I found all kinds of things to put in the bags:

Glittery and metallic crayons
Star Wars Angry Bird note pad
Mustache & nose glasses
Whoopee cushions
Glow in the dark bugs
Glow Glasses & rings
Fruit Snacks
Nilla Wafers
Annie's Cheese Mix
Apple Cinnamon Sandwich snacks
Cereal Snacks
Yogurt & strawberry snacks
Yogurt pretzels
Fruit by the Foot
Chips Ahoy Cookies
Chocolate BeVita wafers

I just paired a few snacks and a couple surprises together and put them in a paper bag.

Roll down the top of the bags and seal with a staple.  
Something quick to make and fun for the kiddo to open.

Here's some of the fun we had on our trip thanks to the Traveling Bags!
Liam loved all the treats and the bags definitely made the trip go by faster.

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