Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Life Blessings

     It's poetry time again!  November brings warm fall colors, harvest time, and many reasons to be count your blessings.  With that in mind, my blogger and friends decided to write poems about Blessings this month.   

Life Blessings
Hands together, head bowed...a blessing is spoken.
A tickle in your nose, then a sneeze...a blessing is given.
Dressed in white, drips of Holy Water...a blessing is sung.
A union created, unconditional love...a blessing is celebrated.
Hours of labor, instant love....a blessing is born. 
A beautiful life, Heaven awaits...a blessing is prayed. 

Beautiful sunrises begin a new day.
Little hands to guide the way.
Extra hugs when saying goodbye.
Sweet kisses that almost make you cry.
Smiles exchanged leaving class.
I love you whispered through window glass.
New drawings she loves to share.
Growing up happy is my prayer.

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