Friday, July 29, 2016

July's Funny Friday

Today’s post is this month’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Today's picture is from Spatulas on Parade

30 - Spatulas on Parade - July 2016 (bird skull).jpg

1. "Zut alors! I have missed one!"

2. All poor Sebastian, looks like Chef Louis finally got 'em.

3.  If you see a one armed crab let him know I'm not done eating him yet.

4. Princess Crab-erella lost her claw leaving the Under the Sea ball. King Crab and Prince Dungeness are looking everywhere for this mysterious crustacean.

5. "Wilson! Look, I found us some food!"

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top Ten Thursday: 80's Songs

  Hello there and welcome to Top Ten Thursday hosted by my friend Tamara over at Confessions of a Part-Time Working Mom.  This week's challenge is going to be hard.  See I grew up in the 80's, so yeah, I listened to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Wham, the list can go on forever.  That's why it's going to be tough narrowing it down to just ten.  Check out mine and some of my other blogging friend's Top Ten 80's Songs below.

My Top 10 Favorite Songs of the 1980's...
(Click on the RED links to see the music video)

1.  Human Nature by Micheal Jackson - I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan!  So when I was thinking of my 80's songs, he just HAD to the top of the list.  This particular song is my all time favorite song by the legendary King of Pop, and it just so happens to be one of his favorites too!  When he passed away, I was extremely sad, and still today wish he was alive.  At the time we just so happened to be living in California close by to his Neverland Ranch, so we paid a visit to pay our respects.  His music was amazing, his dance moves out of this world, and his kind heart for others was inspiring.  My son has recently developed a love for his music as well and goes around singing all the words to "Thriller" and performs the "Thriller dance" for all our friends (and yes, he knows all the moves).

2. Sailing by Christopher Cross - Ok, so I know this isn't as "poppy" as Michael Jackson, but it has a special place in my heart.  My mom always tells me the story that when this song used to come on the radio I used to sing "CANDICE can do miracles" instead of the real words "the CANVUS can do miracles."  And because of this, my dad and I danced to this song at my wedding.  Even to this day, I still sing it my way.

3.  Let the Music Play by Shannon - Since we are talking about the 1980's who remembers break dancing?  You can't see it, but I'm totally raising my hand!  This was my JAM!  When this came on I was a dancing machine.  Of course break dancing in the 80's is way different then the "breaking" of today. Plus I was kid, so no one cared.  Dance is suppose to be fun!  Me and my bro, we love to dance!

4.  Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! - If you entered a skating rink most likely you would hear this song.  I certainly remember it playing the day we showed up to the wrong school's skating party.  We even brought cupcakes too I think.  Oh well, we stayed and had fun.  The picture below is actually from a Halloween themed skating party (my mom made our costumes).

5.  What a Feeling by Irene Cara - Ok, so who doesn't love the movie "Flashdance?"  I used to watch it all the time.  I loved watching the dancers in their costumes perform.  And the awesome!  Everyone loves the end, the big dance scene, and then she gets accepted into Juilliard.   As a child I didn't even realize this movie was about a stripper trying to better her life.  Looking back, I'm kinda like, wow mom and dad, you let me watch this?  But really, who cared back then?  It was really hard to decide between this song and Maniac by Michael Sembello, I mean because who didn't wear some leg warmers and going around dancing in circles? (I'm even wearing some dancing bears on my dress in this picture).

6.  We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off - Jermaine Stewart - I remember listening to this song driving around with my cousin when we lived in Ohio with my Aunt and Uncle.  We were in between moving from Florida to the Azores (my dad was in the military also).  We would roll the windows down and sing at the top of our lungs, it was so fun!  I miss hanging out with her.  This picture is of my mom, sister, my cousin, and I, a little older then the memory, but that's ok.

7.  Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper - Growing up with red hair and the ONLY red head grandchild out of both sides of my family (which has A LOT of red heads on each side) I was bound to be dressed up as Cyndi Lauper.  Which is exactly what my older cousins used to do.  They would put me in some funky outfits then pull my hair to side.  We would dance around singing this song.  It was a lot of fun.  We used to always put on skits, dance performances, magic shows, tell jokes to entertain ourselves and our family.  For example, the picture below.  I was dressed up as some crazy character and wanted to put on a show.

8.  Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears - What about this song does not scream 80s?  I remember listening to this song when we were stationed in Flordia, I was outside playing while my dad washed the car.  It's one of those moments I will always relate to this song.  This was about the age I was when we lived in Florida. (My bro was born there).

9.  Holiday by Madonna - When you mention the 80's one artist that always comes to mind is Madonna.  She was a culture inspiration.  From her songs, her dance moves, and even her fashion.  She was an 80's icon and still to this day can rock the music scene.  Holiday was one of those catchy songs that was easy to sing to and was on the radio a lot when I was growing up.  It came out in 1983 when we were stationed in Germany.

10.  Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie - Who can resist getting up to dance to this song?  It came out in 1987 when perms were still all the rage.  And guess who had one too, yeah this lady!  And to let you know my hair is straight straight, but of course that didn't stop my mom.  I remember hanging out in the kitchen with my hair tightly wrapped in those pink and blue perm curlers, smelling of chemicals, with a plastic bag tied on my head.  I am so glad perms faded out!


    Well, there ya have it, my Top Ten 1980's Songs! I hope you enjoyed watching and listening to some of the songs, my little memories, and the totally awesome 80's pictures of my childhood.

Check out some of my friend's Top Ten 80's Songs below!


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Top Ten Thursday: Happy Places

     Hello there and welcome to Top Ten Thursday hosted by my friend Tamara over at Confessions of a Part-Time Working Mom.  Since moving over here to Germany, we have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. We are trying to explore as much as we can before we have to move back to the States (which is in two years, sad face).  Although, not all Happy Places involve traveling.  Check out mine and some of my other blogging friend's Top Ten Happy Places below.

Top 10 Places that make me Happy...

1.  The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour  -  The hubby and I recently visited London a couple of months ago and at top of my list to visit was this!  It was amazing!  Even he was impressed and he is not much of a Potter Head as I am.  We got to see the actual props, costumes, movie sets, makeup, etc. the actors used on set.  We even had a real Butter Beer in the back lot by Harry's house on Pivet Drive.  I was SOOO beyond happy to be there!  If you are ever in London, it is a MUST see!  For more pictures Click Here.  

2. Eating Italy Food Tour - I don't know if this is really considered a place.  But I am a HUGE foodie, so trying new foods definitely puts me in MY Happy Place.  On my visit last month to see my friend in Italy, I booked us a walking food tour.  Everything was so delish we ate it all!  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face I was so happy!  This is a definite MUST do when in Italy, the food is simply amazing! For more pictures Click Here.

3.  Templum Salutis Spa - I love getting pampered, I mean who doesn't right?  A steam, a massage, some relaxation, some herbal tea, what doesn't scream Happy Place to you?  While my friend and I were visiting Rome, I thought it would be awesome to have a spa day.  So I found this place, it was our first Hammam Spa experience.  It is definitely one of my new Happy Places.  You should check them out if you're in Rome.

4.  La Barcaccina  - Since living in Germany, we have not taken many trips to the beach.  So when the opportunity came up for my friend and I to drive up the Mediterranean coastline through Italy, I jumped on it!  On our drive up to Pisa we stopped at this little restaurant on the beach for lunch.  A perfect view of the teal blue water, salty air in our hair, listening to the crashing of the waves, a glass of Prosseco, an amazing Farro Salad, and my best friend...this is one of my Happy Places!  We both loved it so much, we had cappuccinos and a dessert and an ice cream cone while we walked on the beach before we continued our road trip.  For more pictures Click Here. 

5.  Rome - One of the major cities in Italy I have always wanted to visit was Rome.  It's rich in history, culture, and tradition.  I remember dreaming of one day seeing the Colosseum, but never thought it would be possible.  That was until my friend and I made it a road trip.  Rome unlike many cities in Italy, is big and busy!  There are cars, scooters, bicycles, buses, trains, trucks, and motorcycles zooming this way and that!  The lines on the streets are so worn off that you can't tell which way your actually suppose to go, you just have to JUMP in there and GO GO GO!  I am so grateful my friend drove us around (she lives in Italy, so she's used to it) because I don't think I would have kept up with the other drivers.  But I loved it.  While the streets are crazy, the surrounding crumbling buildings of the Romans are so beautiful.  Rome is definitely one of my Happy Places because I got to explore, learn, and admire.  For more pictures of Rome or the Colosseum Click Here or Here.

6.  Wicked - I am a HUGE musical fan.."The Wizard of OZ," "Sound of Music," "Mary Poppins," "Singing in the Rain," "The Music Man," "Hairspray," and many many more.  When "Wicked" debuted I knew I would see it one day.  On our trip to London, it just so happen to be showing.  So I booked the hubby and I some seats and we saw it the first night on our visit.  Ohhhhhhh, it was MAGICAL!  "The Wizard of Oz" always takes me back to my childhood. I think I grinned during the whole performance.  You gotta see this!  I loved it SO much I got the soundtrack and listen to it all the time! 

7. Pisa - Another city in Italy that I consider to be one of my Happy Places is Pisa.  It is just so amazing how "The Tower" is really leaning, I mean it is LEAN-ING!  And I was shocked that they were letting people tour it.  But not only was The Leaning Tower amazing, the but other buildings were too.  There is a beautiful grassy area where people can just lounge and that is exactly what I did with my friend, after we looked around of course.  It was so peaceful, laying there in the soft grass, with my shoes and socks kicked off, staring up at this marvelous structure soaking in all the history.  To see more pictures Click Here.

8.  Foxy Paws Photography - Ok, I know it's not technically a place, but photography puts me in a Happy Place.  I love capturing special moments for friends or family, using my creativity to edit the images I've taken, then seeing the smile of the person I give them to.  I have always been a creative person, drawing or doodling on things, painting, crafting, party planning, baking, so photography just seemed like a fun hobby to pick up too (not to mention my dad, sister, and brother are also photographers).  So I created an intimate business on WordPress that is my little Happy Place.

9.  Stuttgart - This is where we call home.  Being a military family we are moving every 3 or 4 years (which I have done most of my life, since my dad was also in the military).  I have gotten use to moving over the years, some places are good, some ok, and some not so good.  I can honestly say living in Germany has been and is one of my Happy Places.  We have learned so much in the year we have been here, explored more than we ever did in the States, made so many amazing friends, experienced new foods, and adapted the less stress lifestyle.  When the day comes for us to leave, I know we will all be in tears.  So, for now we will enjoy every day.  For some pictures of some places we've visited in Germany...Burg HohenzollernSchloss LichtensteinTrierTribergFreiburgBurg Zavelstein.

10.  Family -  When I am surrounded by my family I am in my Happy Place.  Sometimes raising kiddos can be tough but it is also rewarding.  I can't believe how fast my kiddos have grown.  Seems like in a blink of an eye my babies turned into real kids.  Even Miss K isn't really a toddler anymore (even though she still wears T-clothes).  The hubby and I have recently celebrated the BIG 10 year anniversary this past May!   I am amazed how much we have grown since our first date back in 2002.  As the years pass and we grow older I know I can always find my Happy Place with warm hugs and sweet kisses.  

Thanks for checking out my Top Ten Happy Places!


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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Top Ten Thursday: Blogging Challenges

     Hello there and welcome to Top Ten Thursday!  I've recently joined a group of bloggers who are given a theme for the week and asked to write their top ten (kinda like Letterman used to do).  So here goes nothing... 
This week's topic: Blogging Challenges 

Submitted by Liz over at An American in Basel

Top 10 Things I Love or Hate about Blogging Challenges:

1.  I love reading the other blogger's challenge posts. 

2.  I hate how hard it is to capture the blogging challenge's button or picture, only to get it downloaded but not being able to upload it on to the post about the challenge.

3.  I love challenging myself to come up with something creative for each post.

4.  I hate it when I sign up for a challenge, then forget about it, only to be reminded a day or so before the post goes live.  Oops.

5.  I love being involved in the blogger world.  Sometimes you make some good friends. (Tamara)      

6.  I hate it when I get stumped trying to rhyme a word for a poetry challenge, then I have to resort to Google or a thesaurus to find a new word.

7.  I love that I count on my blogger friend and Top Ten Challenge host who helps me when I get stumped at number 7.  

8.  I hate that I am stumped at number 8 now.

9.  I love that the next Top Ten Challenge theme will NOT be about loving or hating blog challenges.

10.  I hate when I link up my permalink wrong and then have to go back and correct it.  Sorry Tamara.   

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sizzle, Sizzle, Pop, Boom...BANG!

          It's poetry time blogger friends and I decided to link up some poetry.  This month's theme is about SIZZLE.  Check out the links below for some more creative poems. 

Sizzle, Sizzle, Pop, Boom...BANG!

Light the fuse, up it flies.


Find it's path, watch it glow.


A burst of fire, explodes with color.


Vibrations echo throughout my ears.


Another goes up, just the same.


4th of July

A patriotic picnic of people celebrates,
the Independence Day of the United States.

BBQ grills stacked with sizzling meat,
apple pie a la mode served as a treat.

Water balloons and sparklers for one and all,
a few innings playing a little baseball.

"Proud to be an American" blares on the radio,
then "The Start Bangled Banner" kicks off the show.

Sparkles light up the night sky in red, white, and blues,
glittery streams of color, many different hues.

Smiles on faces and wonder in their eye,
they watch with pride the American flag fly.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ciao Italy

     Since the hubby's and my London trip, I have been bitten by the travel bug.  We live in Germany, which makes it so convenient and inexpensive to travel to all the cool and historic countries nearby.  Another awesome tidbit is that my Bestie lives just south of us in Italy.  So when the opportunity to go visit her for a week came up, I totally jumped on it!  The hubby took some time off to watch the kiddos so I could make some fun memories with my friend.  We decided to stay in Italy and make it road trip starting in Venice through Bologna, through Florence, to Rome (stay there a couple of days), then back up the Mediterranean coast line up to Pisa, then back through Florence and Bologna to Venice.  Oh, I had BIG plans for this trip! 
     When we were both stationed in California we used to celebrate each other's birthdays pretty big.  I mean, I hosted a five course  Julie & Julia Birthday Dinner Party and a Twilight: Breaking Dawn Birthday Party for her.  And we have also celebrated my birthday with a  Great Gatsby Birthday Dinner.  Since we didn't get to celebrate either of our birthdays last or this year, I decided to make this a big deal.
    After we decided what cities we wanted to hit on our road trip I booked my flight to Venice (the closest airport by my friend) on Berlin Air.  Then I went on to search for a hotel in Rome for us to stay in.  I found one within walking distance of the Colosseum and other popular attractions, it is called I Love Colosseo B&B.  From there I searched on Trip Advisor and City Discovery for some activities for us to do in Rome.  When all was planned and reserved I put together some special cards for my friend.  I sent a little note to her every morning with a hint of what we had planned for the day.  She was so surprised and made me happy we got to make some fun memories.
     So, here's how our Italy trip went...Thursday... Day one of my trip,  I got both of the kiddos off to school and the hubby dropped me off at the airport.   Little known fact, I am NOT the best flyer, and if I can take a car or train or bus to get somewhere over flying, I would totally be down with that.  But, I know I will never see anything if I don't go by plane.  I sucked it up, put in my earbuds, and listened to the soundtrack of Wicked (told you I listen to it) the whole one hour flight it took to get to Venice.  Truth be told, it was a very smooth and easy flight, even for a two propeller plane, thank God.  I arrived to find my Bestie and two of her Italian friends (and a warm cappuccino) waiting for me at the airport cafe.  After a quick coffee break we were off.

     { A couple of weeks before my trip, my friend (an opera singer) informed me that she was to sing in her choir in a very hush hush secret special performance of La Traviata, a very famous Italian opera.  Ok, cool, no I thought.  She asked to see if I had a black blouse, black blazer, black slacks, and black shoes.  Sure, no problem.  Then she let's me know I will be joining her on this once in a lifetime experience.  Ok I thought, won't be too bad, I'll get to watch her, cool.  Keep this all in mind as I get back to the story of my trip. } 

    Back in Venice, the four of us loaded in the car and went somewhere, I'm not sure.  We parked and then walked down by the canals for awhile, I mean a LONG while, then arrived at some restaurant they go to a lot, for some lunch.  I wasn't very hungry, so I ordered an amazing Bufala Cheese and Tomato Caprese Salad and a glass of Prosecco.  Oh it was delish, and gotta have a Cappuccino afterward.  With bellies full we headed to the theatre where my friend's friend would be conducting the opera, and her and her other friend would be singing in the opera.  Let me tell you, if walking around Venice up and down alley ways, this way and that is confusing during a nice warm day, try doing it when it's raining, which is what we had to do.  Thank goodness my Bestie's friend knew where to go and that I packed my travel umbrella for just such of an occasion.   We arrived at the theatre around 5pm and the opera didn't start till 8pm.  So we checked in and got some handy dandy name tags, I even got one!  Next, we went into the practice hall for the musicians to practice a few songs with each other and the famous Soprano and Tenor that was headlining that night.  It was amazing to sit in and watch such talented people make musical art with their instruments and voices.  I wish I had that gift......So, me, the not Italian red head was handed a piece of paper with a bunch of Italian words to the song on it and told I would have to "sing" too.  OMG! I knew I was going to be there, hopefully just standing by my friend, but no no no.  I was to be in my own balcony box and pretend to sing this famous Italian song in a very famous Italian opera ALL in Italian.  When practice was over, so we were told to go get dressed (the black outfit) and meet in the assigned balcony boxes of the theatre. I took a few pictures, but not many, since we were told not to.  Hehe.  Well the time finally came for the opera to I was sitting towards the back of the balcony, which we were told to do.  The conductor didn't want the guests to know the choir was up there until the assigned song for them to sing started.  Like a bit "ta da."  Ok, another known fact.  I am a rule follower, I am the first born out of my family, I am a Virgo, I don't like change, but will do it if I have to.  With that said...I was FREAKING out when if came to "sing" our part.  Especially, when I first thought we would be in the shadows of the balcony boxes, only for the entire choir to be lit up with blue spot lights for the ENTIRE song.   Once it was over, all four minutes of it, I thought I could relax.  NOPE, wrong again.  The conductor decided to do an encore, so we did the song AGAIN!  So not only did I "sing" in an opera, but I did it twice!  After the show was over, we went and got dressed in our regular clothes, me a bit shaky and still a little freaked out.  We walked in the rain again back to the same restaurant for some dinner.  This time I was starving, so I got a bowl of Spaghetti Carbonara, one of my faves, and a glass of prosecco.  Back in the rain again, we walked back to the car then drove to my Bestie's house.  We went straight to bed because we had a fun day one of our road trip the next day.

     Friday... Day two of my trip.  I sent my friend her little note for the day, then we packed up the car, stopped for some snacks for the trip, got some gas, then went for breakfast and cappuccinos before we got on the road to Rome.  We didn't get very far before we ran into some heavy traffic.  Like complete stop traffic for almost an hour.  It was a good thing I brought some reading material and by reading material I mean "In-Touch" and "LifeStyle".  Once we got going again we stopped in Bologna for some lunch, another cappuccino and some gelato.  Oh it was yummy!  After a quick walk to stretch our legs we were back on the road.  Because we had dinner reservations later that night in Rome, we drove through Florence straight on to Rome.  Driving into Rome was so exciting!  We had finally made it!  We found our hotel after a few circles around the block looking for parking, checked in, did a quick wardrobe change, then drove to Ristorante Roma Sparita for dinner.  Another known fact, the hubby and I like watching Anthony Bourdain shows, so when I knew I would be visiting Rome, I just had to try out Bourdain's favorite pasta dish at the same restaurant he frequents. (Check out the No Reservations Rome Episode Here).  So yep, I booked a reservation!   We arrived a little late, just two hours (in our defense there was that traffic jam and I did email the restaurant about changing our reservation) so that sat us anyways.  We ordered a bottle of wino, the famous Cacio e Pepe, a salad with steak and mushrooms, and then finished dinner off with chocolate mousse and tiramisu.  Oh it was ALL so amazing! We just happen to meet some Canadians at the next table that we shared some of wine with and chatted.  We closed the restaurant, so we headed back to the hotel for another great day the next day. (For more pictures of Bologna Click Here).


     Saturday... Day three of my trip.  I sent my friend her next note for the day, then we got ready and walked around the Colosseum looking for a place for breakfast before heading to Templum Salutis for two and half hours of pampering.  I signed us up for the Superior Hammam Treatments.  It was great to turn off the cell phones and just relax.  It was our first time being at a Turkish spa and it was so awesome, one of the best one's we have been to.  Afterward we totally worn out, so we headed back to the hotel to just chill out and have a bite to eat from some of the snacks we brought.  Later, we finally headed to the meeting point for our Twilight Trastevere Food Tour.  We met our foodie guide and walked around trying different foods from the local restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, and deli's.  We had so much fun with the other guests and enjoyed all the food.  It was one of the best food tours I've been on.  Afterward we headed back to the hotel for some rest so we could have another awesome day tomorrow. (For more pictures of our Food Tour Click Here).

     Sunday... Day four of my trip.  I sent my friend her special note for the day, then we got ready and headed to the Colosseum to play tourists.  We redeemed our Skip the Line tickets from City Discovery  for the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum.  We walked, took pictures, walked, took pictures, walked some more, took more pictures.  It was all so amazing and pictures just don't do it justice.  Standing in the Colosseum staring up at the massive ancient walls was an amazing experience, one I will never forget.  After touring the Colosseum we went for some lunch at a local cafe then walked to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill for some sigh seeing.  We walked, took pictures, walked, took pictures, walked some more, took more pictures.  Somehow we wound up in the Jewish Ghetto walking around and even found a place for a gelato and cappuccino break.  When we had enough walking we went back to the hotel to rest up a bit before heading back out to find a place to eat for dinner.  Which we found an amazing little pizzeria in a hidden alleyway.  We were so sad when our last night in Rome ended.  Back to the hotel we went to rest up for our drive up the coast to Pisa in the morning. (For more pictures of the Colosseum Click Here, for more pictures of the Roman Forum Click Here).

     Monday... Day five of my trip.  I sent my friend her daily special note, then we packed up the car, stepped out for a quick breakfast, filled up the car, then headed up the beautiful Mediterranean coast to Pisa.  It was so nice to see the ocean again, haven't seen it since we lived in California four years ago.  When lunch time rolled around we stopped at a restaurant right on the beach.  We both ordered the Farro with fresh shrimp.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was SO good!  After lunch, we shared an amazing dessert, then got an ice cream to eat while we walked along the beach.   We walked around splashing in the waves and collecting stones and shells.   It was a wonderful break from the drive, which we still needed to complete.  Back in the car, we drove to Pisa to check out the famous tower.  We were both impressed how big of a tower it was and it really was leaning.  We walked around taking pictures and exploring.  Then we found a little spot on a big grassy lawn and just hung out for awhile.  It was great to just be and take in all the history.  When we were ready, back in the car headed for Florence.  Since we skipped through it on the way to Rome, my friend wanted me to see it on our way back.  So she took me to a famous lookout spot that you can see the whole city and the statue of Michelangelo.  We arrived right as the sun started to set.  It was so gorgeous.  We also found a little cafe to enjoy a glass of wine white as we watched the sun go down.   It was the perfect ending to the day.....but we still had to drive through Bologna to my friend's house.  It was going great and we were making good time while singing to pop songs and musicals.  That was until we ran into a HUGE thunderstorm.  I mean, full on lighting flashing across the skies, thundering booming, and thick heavy rain beating down hard.  Once we got to her house around 1am-ish.  We crashed and fell fast asleep.  (For more pictures of the Mediterranean Click Here, for more pictures of Pisa Click Here , for more pictures of Florence  Click Here ). 

     Tuesday....Day six of my trip.  I got up, dressed, packed all my stuff up.  Then we stopped by her daughter's school so I could say hi before I got on my flight.  We had to book it to the airport since we got a late start.  But I made it on time, no problem.   When I boarded my plane I sent my Bestie one last special note thanking her for an amazing six days full of memories.  My flight was on time and smooth, which was great for me.  The hubby and little Miss picked me up and headed home so I could go surprise big Boy at the bus stop. 
     Overall, it was a great visit, one I will never forget. I have tons of pictures from our crazy journey.  I can't wait to see her again and plan another fun adventure.        
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