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Top Ten Thursday: Happy Places

     Hello there and welcome to Top Ten Thursday hosted by my friend Tamara over at Confessions of a Part-Time Working Mom.  Since moving over here to Germany, we have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. We are trying to explore as much as we can before we have to move back to the States (which is in two years, sad face).  Although, not all Happy Places involve traveling.  Check out mine and some of my other blogging friend's Top Ten Happy Places below.

Top 10 Places that make me Happy...

1.  The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour  -  The hubby and I recently visited London a couple of months ago and at top of my list to visit was this!  It was amazing!  Even he was impressed and he is not much of a Potter Head as I am.  We got to see the actual props, costumes, movie sets, makeup, etc. the actors used on set.  We even had a real Butter Beer in the back lot by Harry's house on Pivet Drive.  I was SOOO beyond happy to be there!  If you are ever in London, it is a MUST see!  For more pictures Click Here.  

2. Eating Italy Food Tour - I don't know if this is really considered a place.  But I am a HUGE foodie, so trying new foods definitely puts me in MY Happy Place.  On my visit last month to see my friend in Italy, I booked us a walking food tour.  Everything was so delish we ate it all!  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face I was so happy!  This is a definite MUST do when in Italy, the food is simply amazing! For more pictures Click Here.

3.  Templum Salutis Spa - I love getting pampered, I mean who doesn't right?  A steam, a massage, some relaxation, some herbal tea, what doesn't scream Happy Place to you?  While my friend and I were visiting Rome, I thought it would be awesome to have a spa day.  So I found this place, it was our first Hammam Spa experience.  It is definitely one of my new Happy Places.  You should check them out if you're in Rome.

4.  La Barcaccina  - Since living in Germany, we have not taken many trips to the beach.  So when the opportunity came up for my friend and I to drive up the Mediterranean coastline through Italy, I jumped on it!  On our drive up to Pisa we stopped at this little restaurant on the beach for lunch.  A perfect view of the teal blue water, salty air in our hair, listening to the crashing of the waves, a glass of Prosseco, an amazing Farro Salad, and my best friend...this is one of my Happy Places!  We both loved it so much, we had cappuccinos and a dessert and an ice cream cone while we walked on the beach before we continued our road trip.  For more pictures Click Here. 

5.  Rome - One of the major cities in Italy I have always wanted to visit was Rome.  It's rich in history, culture, and tradition.  I remember dreaming of one day seeing the Colosseum, but never thought it would be possible.  That was until my friend and I made it a road trip.  Rome unlike many cities in Italy, is big and busy!  There are cars, scooters, bicycles, buses, trains, trucks, and motorcycles zooming this way and that!  The lines on the streets are so worn off that you can't tell which way your actually suppose to go, you just have to JUMP in there and GO GO GO!  I am so grateful my friend drove us around (she lives in Italy, so she's used to it) because I don't think I would have kept up with the other drivers.  But I loved it.  While the streets are crazy, the surrounding crumbling buildings of the Romans are so beautiful.  Rome is definitely one of my Happy Places because I got to explore, learn, and admire.  For more pictures of Rome or the Colosseum Click Here or Here.

6.  Wicked - I am a HUGE musical fan.."The Wizard of OZ," "Sound of Music," "Mary Poppins," "Singing in the Rain," "The Music Man," "Hairspray," and many many more.  When "Wicked" debuted I knew I would see it one day.  On our trip to London, it just so happen to be showing.  So I booked the hubby and I some seats and we saw it the first night on our visit.  Ohhhhhhh, it was MAGICAL!  "The Wizard of Oz" always takes me back to my childhood. I think I grinned during the whole performance.  You gotta see this!  I loved it SO much I got the soundtrack and listen to it all the time! 

7. Pisa - Another city in Italy that I consider to be one of my Happy Places is Pisa.  It is just so amazing how "The Tower" is really leaning, I mean it is LEAN-ING!  And I was shocked that they were letting people tour it.  But not only was The Leaning Tower amazing, the but other buildings were too.  There is a beautiful grassy area where people can just lounge and that is exactly what I did with my friend, after we looked around of course.  It was so peaceful, laying there in the soft grass, with my shoes and socks kicked off, staring up at this marvelous structure soaking in all the history.  To see more pictures Click Here.

8.  Foxy Paws Photography - Ok, I know it's not technically a place, but photography puts me in a Happy Place.  I love capturing special moments for friends or family, using my creativity to edit the images I've taken, then seeing the smile of the person I give them to.  I have always been a creative person, drawing or doodling on things, painting, crafting, party planning, baking, so photography just seemed like a fun hobby to pick up too (not to mention my dad, sister, and brother are also photographers).  So I created an intimate business on WordPress that is my little Happy Place.

9.  Stuttgart - This is where we call home.  Being a military family we are moving every 3 or 4 years (which I have done most of my life, since my dad was also in the military).  I have gotten use to moving over the years, some places are good, some ok, and some not so good.  I can honestly say living in Germany has been and is one of my Happy Places.  We have learned so much in the year we have been here, explored more than we ever did in the States, made so many amazing friends, experienced new foods, and adapted the less stress lifestyle.  When the day comes for us to leave, I know we will all be in tears.  So, for now we will enjoy every day.  For some pictures of some places we've visited in Germany...Burg HohenzollernSchloss LichtensteinTrierTribergFreiburgBurg Zavelstein.

10.  Family -  When I am surrounded by my family I am in my Happy Place.  Sometimes raising kiddos can be tough but it is also rewarding.  I can't believe how fast my kiddos have grown.  Seems like in a blink of an eye my babies turned into real kids.  Even Miss K isn't really a toddler anymore (even though she still wears T-clothes).  The hubby and I have recently celebrated the BIG 10 year anniversary this past May!   I am amazed how much we have grown since our first date back in 2002.  As the years pass and we grow older I know I can always find my Happy Place with warm hugs and sweet kisses.  

Thanks for checking out my Top Ten Happy Places!


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