Thursday, July 14, 2016

Top Ten Thursday: Blogging Challenges

     Hello there and welcome to Top Ten Thursday!  I've recently joined a group of bloggers who are given a theme for the week and asked to write their top ten (kinda like Letterman used to do).  So here goes nothing... 
This week's topic: Blogging Challenges 

Submitted by Liz over at An American in Basel

Top 10 Things I Love or Hate about Blogging Challenges:

1.  I love reading the other blogger's challenge posts. 

2.  I hate how hard it is to capture the blogging challenge's button or picture, only to get it downloaded but not being able to upload it on to the post about the challenge.

3.  I love challenging myself to come up with something creative for each post.

4.  I hate it when I sign up for a challenge, then forget about it, only to be reminded a day or so before the post goes live.  Oops.

5.  I love being involved in the blogger world.  Sometimes you make some good friends. (Tamara)      

6.  I hate it when I get stumped trying to rhyme a word for a poetry challenge, then I have to resort to Google or a thesaurus to find a new word.

7.  I love that I count on my blogger friend and Top Ten Challenge host who helps me when I get stumped at number 7.  

8.  I hate that I am stumped at number 8 now.

9.  I love that the next Top Ten Challenge theme will NOT be about loving or hating blog challenges.

10.  I hate when I link up my permalink wrong and then have to go back and correct it.  Sorry Tamara.   

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