Friday, December 25, 2015

December's Funny Friday

     So here's the deal and how it works....Funny Friday, is a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project.  Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month's picture.  Links to the other blogger's posts are below, click on them and see what they've come up with.  We hope to bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend!

Here's today's picture:

* Submitted by Follow Me Home

23 - Follow me home December 2015.jpeg

1.  "Llama, llama, where's your momma?"

2.  Objects outside window are closer then appear.

3.  Looks like the neighbor upgraded their Chihuahua.

4.  Mom and Dad couldn't afford a pony for little Susie, so they got her a llama instead.

5.  I guess the circus is back in town.
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Zippy & ZuZu: Week 4

     This is the last week Zippy and ZuZu will be with us.  It was quite the adventure this year.  So much fun had by all.  Check out when our little elves were up to this past week...
Zippy & ZuZu: Elf Pirates

If you want to check out the previous weeks here ya go...

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Zippy & ZuZu: Elf Goodbyes

     Well, today is Christmas Day, so last night, Christmas Eve, my kiddos gave Zippy and ZuZu a farewell hug (the ONLY time they are allowed to touch them) and said their good-byes till next year.  They were both quite sad, but nothing some presents from Santa can't cure!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Zippy & ZuZu: Elf Wrappers

     It's Christmas Eve, it's Christmas EVE!  Can you believe it?  This morning Zippy and ZuZu were waiting for the kiddos to wake up with a couple of special Christmas Eve presents to open later.   

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Zippy & ZuZu: Elf Besties

     After a fun festive gingerbread house building party yesterday, our little elves decided to hang out with their besties, Twinkle Toes and Zart, this morning.  

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Zippy & ZuZu: Elf Partyers

     This morning Zippy and ZuZu were all dressed up and ready for the Gingerbread House Building party for all of Kinley's friends.  It's going to be a fun day!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Zippy & ZuZu: Elf Greeters

     This morning Zippy and ZuZu were discovered in our entryway .hanging out with our coats  Looks like they got some pretty hip outerwear too!  They will come in handy for all their trips to the North Pole to see Santa.

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Brand Reppin'

     A couple of months ago Little K. was chosen to be a Brand Enthusiast for QueCute and TickleMePrettyShop, and SweetTexasTreasures.  Which means she gets to model all sorts of adorable hairbows, headbands, clips, jewelry, and clothes for these particular shops to help create business for them.  It's been so much fun taking pictures of her, my little model.  Here's some of her recent work, check it out. 

** I've included the links to all the items featured and a few of our other favorite shops**


Christmas Bow by QueCute
Reindeer Tassel Bracelet by TickleMePrettyShop
Santa's Reindeer Shirt by Jollygood Apparel

 ~ To see more pictures check out FoxyPawsPhotography 


Peppermint Swirl Mini Bows by DelphineMarieBows
Elf Shirt by Gray Anchor Apparel 

~ To see more pictures check out FoxyPawsPhotography


Custom Germany Shirt by SweetTexasTreasures
Aztec Bow by DelphineMarieBows

~ To see more pictures check out FoxyPawsPhotography


Candy Cane Bow by QueCute
Christmas Chunky Bead Statement Necklace by TickleMePrettyShop
Elf on the Shelf Leggings by IndieBird

~ To see more pictures check out FoxyPawsPhotography

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