Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween's Past

  I just wanted to share a few pictures of my little man from the past Halloweens....

My little Super Man

My little Robin

My little Buzz Lightyear

My little Barrel (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

I can't wait to add this year's photo of him as the Black Ninja, Cole, from Ninjago!

October 31st

My Big Boo and Little Ghoul

October 31st

Parents and permission,
Children and tradition,
A night of exciting fun,
Halloween has begun.

Ghosts and goblins,
Batmans and Robins,
A cassette tape that moans,
Movie stars have clones.

Princesses and trolls,
Monsters and moles,
Lollypop, gummies,
Paper wrapped mummies.

Vampires and bats,
Witches and cats,
Halloween parties,
Butterfingers, Smarties.

Barbies and Kens,
Stimpys and Rens,
Tombstones in graveyards,
Halloween E-cards.

Devils and rock stars,
Candy corn and Mars bars,
Leaves fall from maples,
Kids bob for apples.

Tricksters and Treaters,
Athletes and cheerleaders,
Aliens with guns,
Leia's with buns.

Spider webs and pumpkins,
Werewolves and coffins,
Frankenstein's alive,
Skeleton's revived.

Stuffed bags and sore feet,
Sleepy eyes and warm sheets,
A night of fun,
Halloween now done.

~ Candice  (Pulliam) Masterson 

Sweet Toothed Vampires

The moon is full, it's Halloween night.
The vampires are out, looking for a bite.

They roam the roads, searching high and low.
For anyone, anything, with a little blood flow.

Grins on their faces, hair slicked back.
They're hunting for life, all dressed in black.

They entered a hood, with trees all around.
Witches in windows, and pumpkins on the ground.

Little ghosts and goblins, crowd the streets.
Ringing door bells, and asking "Trick-or-Treat?"

The vampires wonder, who or what are these?
That go around houses, saying "thank you" and "please"?

"They must have some blood." One vampires did say.
So they gathered together, and headed their way.

They surrounded a group, circled them in.
Another vampire did say, "Let the feast begin!"

They licked their lips, their eyes popped out.
Their fangs did shine, then the skeleton did shout.

"Don't drink our blood, and leave us for dead.
Have some candy, as a treat instead."

So the cat gave them a piece, of a Lifesaver gummy.
To the vampire's surprise, it was actually yummy.

The vampires liked it, and wanted some more.
So the kids tilted their bags, till the candy did pour.

The ate piece by piece, till they were done.
Then said their good-byes, and had to run.

They left in a hurry, not wanted to leave.
But, they'll be back, next Hallows Eve.

~ Candice (Pulliam) Masterson


Witches that cackle, tackle
with brews, spells, lotions, potions
for the sexes, hexes
with eye of newt, mummy's toe, bat wings, things
mixed together boil and bubble, trouble
witches on the prowl, growl
black cats with eerie eyes, flies
on broomsticks in the air, hair
stringy, long, black and grayed, frayed
black dresses, stockings, and hat, flat
black shoes with rusted buckles, chuckles
the witches about the lies, cries
of terrified children in their beds, heads
must roll from the witches, bitches
of Hell, daughters of Satan, waitin'
to cast their evil spirits out, shout
the townspeople thou shall hang them, Salem
known for witchcraft, soon vanished, punished
by death, drowned, hung, feathered, burned........Earned.

~ Candice (Pulliam) Masterson 

Have a Spooktacular and Fangtastic Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 days of Kinley

     It first started out as just taking pictures and sending them to my family...but then my mom started to ask me every day, "Where's my daily Kinley pic?"  So, I thought this was a great way to document Kinley's first month.

I can't believe it's already been a month! Wow! The time has flown by so fast!
Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Family Festival

     This past Saturday we loaded up the kiddos and headed to the Fall Family Festival held at a local church.  There were so many interesting costumes, fun games for Liam to play, yummy hot dogs and popcorn, and tons of candy!  I wasn't sure if we were to dress up but I found out when we got there.  Everyone was dressed up in costume, oh well, maybe next year.  We had fun regardless.  I even ran into some of my new friends from my MOPs group and Spouses Club.  Liam's school teacher was there too.  It was a great family night out!

Bows, Hair clips, Barrettes, Headbands, and more...

     Having a little girl is so much fun! My new obsession...making bows and headbands for my little Kinley to wear.  I was totally inspired by all the cute ones on Etsy.  After purchasing a few, I thought, "Hey, I can make that."  So, I headed to my nearby craft store, good ole' Hobby Lobby to get some supplies.  Here's a few of them I made.

With Halloween right around they corner, I made a little 
Witch Hat for her to wear for her costume.

After adding these new headbands to the ones she already had, I so needed a place to put them all.  So, I ventured to Hobby Lobby again to make a barrette/bow/headband organizer.  
Here's what I came up with!

I found a pretty white frame, some ribbon that matches her room, and some drawer knobs.  I hot glued some ribbon behind the frame for the hair clips to clip on to.  Then I drilled some holes for the knobs to fit in, then just screwed those into the frame.  Lastly, I hot glued and nailed some more ribbon behind the top part of the frame to hang it up.  It was so easy and turned out adorable!

Everything was so easy to make and way cheaper then purchasing them online.  
I can't wait to make some more!

Mesila Family Fun Maze

     Recently we took Liam and Kinley to Mesilla Family Fun Maze for a little Halloween fun.  There was so much for us to do, Liam loved the slides the best.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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