Tuesday, October 9, 2012

She's Here, She's FINALLY Here!!

  ~ CAUTION ~ 

     If you don't like hearing about contractions, dilation, water breaking, or any forms of child labor or delivery, I suggest you skip this post because this is the story of how my sweet little Kinley was born...it won't be too detailed, but you have been warned!

     Well, if you read my last post, I was 40 weeks and 3 days overdue and doing whatever I could get get labor started.  Well, turns out the day I finally got a nice pedicure with an extra long foot reflexology massage thrown in, I went into labor that night.  I started having contractions around 9:00pm, at first I thought they were the Braxton Hicks ones I have been having on and off the past week, but when they started getting stronger and stronger, I knew the day had finally come.  The hubby started to time them and they were getting closer, so we finally decided to head to the hospital.  We checked into the ER and they wheeled me up to Labor and Delivery.  It was about 11:30pm when I finally settled into my hospital bed, sporting my lovely paper thin hospital gown, three hospital bracelets, baby heart monitors strapped to my belly, blood pressure cuff tightening around my arm every once in awhile, and the little red light thingy they put on your finger.

Here's a picture the hubby took before all the pain hit!

     With my first pregnancy my water broke and didn't have any contractions when we went to the hospital.  I was only dilated 3 centimeters so the midwife on duty gave me Pitocin to start my contractions, which were so strong I had to get an epidural pretty quick.  Took me 8 hours of labor, 3 hours of actually pushing before he was delivered.
     This round....I had serious contractions but my water didn't break.  Of course, they have to get stronger and longer in order for labor to progress.  But, this was all foreign to me, since I had an epidural last time.  When they checked me I had only dilated 2 centimeters around 11:45pm, so the resident on duty, Dr. Lee, thought I was going to take awhile.  Dr. Lee was taking care of me since my doctor, Dr. Vinge was still on his way.  But, the contractions kept coming, so the nurse on duty thought maybe a nice warm bath would help, it was about 12:00am.  So, the hubby helped me waddle next door to the bath room and eased on down into the warm water.  It seemed like I had just got in when the contractions really started kicking in.  When I started to feel the urge to push, the hubby went and got the nurse.  They helped me out of the tub and I waddled back into my room and into my bed, it was about 1:00am.  From then on everything went crazy fast.  Dr. Lee checked me again and I had dilated to 9 centimeters, but my water hadn't broke still and my doctor still wasn't there.  I asked about an epidural, but the nurse told me that I was too far along into labor and that all we were waiting for was my water to break and then I would be pushing.  Well, it didn't take long, my water broke around 1:25am...and then I really needed to push!  A team of nurses and the resident doctor flew in my room, everything seemed kinda like a blur because they were rushing around prepping everything for the delivery.  Next thing I know I'm pushing, with two nurses up by my head and a drill sergeant midwife "down there" with the doctor pretty much yelling at me to "get that baby out!"  Kinley's heart rate had dropped so I really had to get her out before they took action on their own.  It only took me 4 minutes!  4 minutes, to get her out!  She was officially born at 1:29am.  So total labor was 4 1/2 hours and only 4 minutes of actually pushing.  Much different then Liam's birth.  

She weighted in at 7lbs 11.8oz and measuring 19 inches long.

     She was finally here!!  All that waiting and waddling around totally pays off when you get to hold your little miracle for the first time.  She is beautiful, ten fingers, ten toes, a healthy pink color, blue eyes, and head full of blondish hair.  While I was being attended to, the hubby checked on his little girl.  She had a healthy cry, she just just wanted to eat.  As soon as I was finished, I attempted my first nursing session with her, which went great.  She latched on so easily and is a very good eater.  
     It wasn't long when they moved us all into another room for the rest of our stay. The hubby even got  a fold out bed to sleep on versus a love seat couch which he had to use after Liam's birth.  The nurses were really great and left us alone except for checking mine and Kinley's vitals.  Kinley did so good the whole time we were in the hospital.  She woke up when she was hungry or if she needed a diaper change, other than that she actually slept a few hours at a time.  I was surprised that the hubby and I actually got some sleep.  

The nurses made her a little name card to put in her bassinet.

     Later that morning, my mom and Liam came to visit with us.  I was so excited for Liam to meet his baby sister.  We even got him a little "gift" from her that he opened.  He was so excited because it was Ninjago stuff.  

Our family of four is now complete.

Mom, AKA, MeeMaw, got to hold her first granddaughter. 

     After their visit, the hubby, Liam, and mom went back to the house and Kinley and I took a nap.  Mom came back to the hospital to stay with me while the hubby stayed at home with Liam. The next day, Friday September 28th, we were discharged after breakfast.  I dressed my little lady up in her special fox "going home" outfit, got all our stuff packed, put her in her new car seat, signed the discharged papers, and we were outta there!  The nurse wheeled Kinley and I out to the car and we were set.  On our way home we stopped at What-a-Burger for some lunch for everyone.

Our Foxy Little Lady

Kinley's first ride home

     The hospital stay was good as far as hospitals go and even the food was pretty decent, but nothing compares to being home and in your own bed.  I think Kinley would agree.  After lunch we all settled down for a nap and woke up just in time to greet the rest of my family, my sister, brother, and dad had been driving all day from San Antonio.  They stayed just the weekend and I was definitely sad to see them leave.  Kinley loved napping on my sister, it was so cute.

Kinley and her Auntie Alicia

     So with everyone gone we were able to start getting used to our little family of four and making up a new routine.  I'm looking forward to seeing how our new adventure will go and I couldn't be happier!

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