Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     It was a little overcast and chilly today, but hey, what's new here on Vandenberg.  So we made the most of the Wagon Ride that Liam picked from the Summer Bucket.

Liam loaded up with Oscar his Octopus and Star-tastic his Starfish 
for a ride around the neighborhood.

We made it a quick ride, since it was pretty cold out.  
Hope tomorrow will be warmer.

Our Summer Bucket List

     Yesterday was a simple activity from Our Summer Bucket List, Liam picked out making Popsicles! Yum!  A while back on a trip to the commissary, I let him chose Fruit Punch flavored Kool-Aid just for making popsicles, so we were ready!

We just followed the recipe on the back of the package,
 but added a bit more water to make enough popsicles.

Pouring in the Kool-Aid, sugar, and water.  Then stir, stir, stir.

Pouring the mixture into the rocket popsicle molds.

Putting on the lids.

Into the freezer they go!!

Look at our awesome rocket popsicles!!

I think he liked them!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Yesterday was a long, but extremely fun day full of all sorts of sea creatures!  With it being Memorial Day, the hubby was off, so we planned on going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I just had to rig the Summer Bucket again.  Which worked, Liam picked the right slip of paper!

     So we packed up the car with lots of snacks, extra clothes (in case it got chilly), 
the stroller, and camera and we were on our way about 8:30am.     

It was a LONG drive up there, so after some lunch, we finally made it
 to the aquarium around 2:00pm. Which gave us at least four hours to look 
around before they closed at 6:00pm.

The first exhibit we looked at was this ENORMOUS kelp tank full 
of different kinds of fish, including some little sharks!

We watched a scuba diver feed all the fishes,
 including an eel, which tend to be a bit shy.

There were lots of little tanks full of sea creatures.

Liam loved taking pictures of all the coral.

Next we checked out this huge Deep Water tank.  
It had Tuna, a Hammerhead Shark, Dolphin-head fish, and much more!

On to the Jellies.....these are amazing creatures!

These lite jelly fish lights were hanging from the ceiling, very cool.

To quote Sponge Bob Square Pants....."Jelly fishin', Jelly fishin', Jelly fishin'!"

Can you see who's in the pictures?

One of Liam's favorites! The Puffins!

And then on to the Penguins!  

Around the corner there was a touch pool for everyone to enjoy.  
There was Bat Rays, Sea Skates, Coral, Star Fishes, Seaweed, and much more!  
Liam didn't want to touch any of it though, maybe next time.

There was an area for the kids called the Splash Zone, 
where they could be interactive with how waves worked.

There was also this really cool wave tunnel that you could walk through. 

On our way out of the tunnel, Liam found some 
frogs and fish he wanted to take a picture of.

We started to get a little hungry, so we checked out the little cafe and got a snack.  
Afterward, we went out on the deck and took a look through some telescopes.

The last exhibit we checked out before the aquarium closed were the Seahorses.

Lots of pretty seahorses!

Can you spot the White's Seahorse, Leafy Sea Dragon Seahorse, 
or the Alligator Pipefish?

It was getting close to closing time, so we stopped by the gift 
shop and Liam got to pick out his favorite sea creature he saw today.
.....He chose the Giant Octopus and he named him Oscar!
We trekked it back up the hill to our car and just as soon 
as the hubby started driving back home, guess who zonked out!  

And he slept the whole drive home, which was good, 
since he didn't get a nap in today, and we didn't arrive home till 10:30pm.  
What a LONG LONG day! But like I said, sooo sooo much FUN!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day, we sure did!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     It's Sunday, which means it's cleaning day!  But instead of starting on the many piles of laundry, dishes, dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming...I thought an activity from Our Summer Bucket List would be much more fun!  Today's activity..going to the Vandenberg Village Farmers Market's version of the iMadonnari Chalk Festival!!  We packed some sidewalk chalk and headed that way...

Liam, the hubby, and I drew a rainbow, clouds, sun, birds, grass, and flowers.

What do you think of our masterpiece?

Liam also helped daddy draw Optimus Prime from Transformers.

After we finished our drawings, we walked around 
to look at some other wonderful chalk drawings.

And since we were at the Farmers Market we just had to get 
some fresh strawberries, raspberries, and an artichoke.  
Then Liam and daddy played a little round of Frisbee Golf.

Overall, another wonderful summer activity!  
Now to get all that cleaning done.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     With it being Saturday and the hubby being off for the holiday weekend, we decided to do something fun for the whole family. Today, Liam picked going to the Car, Truck, & Cycle Show out of Our Summer Bucket.  I have to admit, I kind of rigged his pick, since the show was only today.  So shhhhh, because he doesn't know that.

We headed out to the Marshallia Ranch Golf Course to go look at all the fancy cars.

They had some military trucks out there too.  Like this Hummer Liam sat in.

And a Vandenberg AFB Fire Engine.

There was an old timer Police car.

And lots of other fancy hot rods, race cars, and trucks!

Liam loved this truck that had a spiderweb in the engine and a spider driving it.

His liked this car too that had a cougar stuffed animal hanging out of the engine.  
He kept going back and forth between all the vehicles looking at all their engines.  
Liam is just like his daddy...LOVES cars! 
We had a great time on our little family outing.  

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