Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Yesterday, Liam put on a magic show for me, it was one of the activities he picked from Our Summer Bucket List.

Introducing Liam the Magnificent Magician!! 

...and Liam's assistant, Bobbie the Rabbit.

For Liam's first trick..
he made the red ball disappear and reappear from his magic hat!

For his second trick...
he made money appear out of thin air!

For his next trick...(Bobbie helped with this one)
He started with 3 cards, one with a special bunny on it.

Then placed them on the floor, picked out the 
middle card that turned the bunny card into a top hat!

He said some magic words..."Abbra Cabootie" 
over his magic hat and pulled out the Bunny card!

For his fourth trick...
 he transformed a black and white picture into a color one!

For his last trick...
he transformed two large bunnies into three small ones!

I had a lot of fun teaching him the tricks so he can put on a 
magic show for daddy and Memaw when she comes to visit next month!
Looking forward to doing something fun with him today!

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