Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer Bucket List

     May 1st is finally here and today is the day we get to start Our Summer Bucket List!!  We didn't have much planned and it was a little overcast today so Liam choose a Red - Half Day Activity out of the bucket.  He reached in and pulled out Chuck E. Cheese!

We loaded the car and headed to Santa Maria to Chuck E. Cheese.  
We invited some friends, Tori and her son Brendan, to join us in some fun!

Liam was all about the games!

Once all his tokens were gone, we headed to the ticket muncher.  Liam won a total of 183 tickets!! Whoo-hoo!  He picked out a few little prizes, a dinosaur, two spiders, and squishy ball.   We both had a lot of fun on our first day of Our Summer Bucket List of activities.  
Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

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