Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Well, the hubby is home from TDY and I got an early Mother's Day gift....he got up with little man this morning and I got to sleep in till almost 10:00am!!!  So, since we, and by that I mean me, got a late start on the day, Liam picked out a short activity from Our Summer Bucket List.

Today, we built a fort!

Liam helped me build his fort out of his tunnel play 
set and some blankets anchored by pillows.

All the tunnels is really what makes his fort fun to play in.

Liam was trying to get me through his "windows."

And peeping his head out.

We played for a while before he headed for a nap, but I kept it up so we can play in it later.  
Looking forward to doing some fun as a family from the Bucket List for Mother's Day tomorrow.

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