Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

  Today, was another busy day, I attended my last MOPs Steering meeting this morning.  It's going to be so sad when we move.  So Liam picked a shorter activity to do from Our Summer Bucket.  I was excited about him picking having a Nerf Dart Gun Fight today.  Before we started doing our activities from the bucket, I made sure to stock up on the items that activity.  For this one, I found a package of three dart guns at Walmart to add to his already one he has.

We each grabbed two and started chasing each other around the house. 

Liam's serious "Stick 'em Up" face.

We set up forts for each of us to hide behind.

Liam used his Little Tykes table as target practice.  

Liam loved this activity today!  He can't wait for daddy to 
get home so he can show him his new dart guns.  
Maybe we will all have a Nerf fight when he gets home.  
We've got nothing planned tomorrow, so I'm thinking a longer activity.

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