Thursday, May 24, 2012

Foxy Love

     I just had to share!  Foxes are very special to our family, since my Grandma Hazel used to collect them before she passed. When Liam was on the way, I knew I wanted to find a fox outfit for him to come home in, which I did at Old Navy.  So with Kinley on the way, I wanted to find a fox outfit of her own to come home in.  I was sooooo excited when I found a few at Babies R Us today!  Thanks Tori!  I think these are for little boys, since the girly ones were pink and purple with owls.  But I just couldn't resist the Foxes!! I'll just put an orange bow in her hair.

Kinley's Coming Home Outfit (Front)

Little Fox (Back)

A Foxy Sleeper, PJs, and Bibs

I can't wait for her to wear these! She is going to look so cute!

In Loving memory of Grandma Hazel

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