Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     It's Monday and we didn't have any plans, so Liam picked out a Half Day Activity from Our Summer Bucket List.  On the agenda today....a Picnic at the Beach!  I slathered some sunblock on us both, we fair skinned need to protect ourselves, put on some summer clothes, packed up some lunch, the blanket, and Liam's beach toys then we were on our way!  One bonus about living on the base is that there are four beaches to choose from to visit.  Today, we went to Wall Beach to enjoy our picnic.

Wall Beach here we come!

It was a beautiful sunny day, but when we arrived at the beach it was
 still sunny, but a little chilly and windy.  Thank goodness I packed 
some warm pants and a jacket for us just in case.  They definitely came in handy!

First thing Liam wanted to do was build a sand castle!

We loaded our pails with wet sand started building.

We made an awesome castle equipped with a stone wall and flag poles.

After constructing our castle, we went down by the waves and put our 
toes in the water.  It was FREEZING!!  Then we made up this game of 
creeping up to the wave then run away as it would try to get us.  
We did this over and over...

....till it was picnic time!  We dined on PB&J's, strawberries & grapes, 
pretzel chips, Slim Jim's, fruit snacks, home made coconut lime 
sugar cookies, apple juice, and water.  

It was so nice, sitting in the warm sun sharing some lunch with my little 
man as the waves crashed upon the sand.  So peaceful.

After lunch, we played a little more and drew in the sand with sticks.   
We dusted off the sand and loaded back in the car then headed home. 
Overall, it was another wonderful day out with my little Liam.  
Wonder what we are doing tomorrow...

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