Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     I was really excited when Liam picked out Bowling from Our Summer Bucket List.  We haven't been bowling in a long time and now that Liam is a little older he could do it all by himself.  It was so cute watching him carry his ball and try to roll it as hard as he could.  Of course, we used the bumpers to both of our advantages.

Liam actually fit some bowling shoes.


He would get so excited when he knocked down some pins!

Not bad for not bowling in a long time and being preggos.  And Liam did great too!
After bowling we stayed for lunch then headed to the shoppette to enjoy
 a little frozen tasty treat.  Liam had a Push Pop and I had a Haggan 
Daz Ice Cream Bar. So yummy! Another great day together!

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