Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  For today's Summer Bucket List activity I kinda steered Liam into choosing a craft project.  At first, he wanted to draw a different activity, but once I told him what crafts I had in store for him today, he turned around.  I found a cute idea to make a home made piñata on Pinterest, but with our own flare of course.  We also made a Cinco de Mayo banner and Cascarones (confetti eggs).  Here's some pictures from our day....

First, we made our Cinco de Mayo banner.

We traced and cut out triangles.

Liam wrote "Cinco de Mayo", one letter on each triangle.  
Then hot glued a piece of yarn to the backs of the triangles.

We hung it up on the wall!

Next we made our piñata with rolled up scrapbook paper, some tape, and staples.

Liam filled the bottom half with candy and a prize.

Then we put one cone inside the other and hot glued them together.

Using tissue paper, we cut slits into long strips to make the 
fringe and hot glued it around the seam of the two cones.

To decorate, I glued a pretty ribbon around the fringe and made a loop for the top.  
I just used some staples and hot glue to attach the loop.

Liam with his piñata, ready to go bust it outside!

Piñata time!!

The time to make the piñata took longer then Liam busting it open.

After the piñata fun, Liam went down for a nap and I made some 
Cascarones (confetti eggs) for us to pop when he woke up.

Liam kept smashing the eggs on my head, I had to chase after 
him to pop one on his.  We had eggshells and confetti all over the driveway.  
We had a lot of fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo!  We even enjoyed home made 
Flan for dessert after dinner.  Hope yours was just as fun!  
Looking forward to tomorrow's Summer activity. 

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