Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Hi there everyone!  Well today, Liam was up early today so he picked something out of Our Summer Bucket List and it happened to be Story Time.  We haven't been in awhile due to some of my MOPs Steering meetings taking place on Thursday mornings.  But since MOPs just ended, we can start going again! YAY!

We headed over to the Library here on base for Story Time at 10:00am.

Today the theme was Stuffed Animal Friends.

Liam didn't bring a friend for everyone to meet, so 
he borrowed one of the library's teddy bears and named him Bobby.

After story time, it was craft time! The librarian had some crafts set up for the kids.  
Liam made a frame to put a picture of himself and his stuffed friend in.

Liam's beautiful frame!

After story time ended, we headed to Liam's first Dentist appointment, 
which went really well!

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