Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Another busy busy day...trying to finish up the cleaning that I started yesterday: dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, bathrooms, dishes, and of course, the laundry, before the hubby comes home from TDY.  So today, Liam and I did a short and quick, yet fun activity from Our Summer Bucket List.  Liam chose Painting today.  Which was perfect, because he could paint while I finished up folding some laundry.

I purchased some Acrylic paint and some canvas' at Michael's for him to paint on.

My little artist!

He has so much fun painting his pictures.  
After they dry we plan on hanging them up in his room.

What a Masterpiece!!  
He can't wait to show daddy when he gets home.  
After his painting session, we picked everything up...and he went down for an early
 nap so we can pick up the hubby at the airport later, and I went back to resuming operation 
clean.  Hope you all are having a great day.  Looking forward to doing a family 
activity from the Summer Bucket tomorrow!!

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