Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Well, yesterday was Mother's Day, so I hope all you Mothers, Step Mothers, Grandmothers, Memaw's, Nana's, and Mimi's all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  Mine was FABULOUS!  I was presented with flowers, cards, a crafty flower pot and a painting from the hubby and Liam.

Then Liam picked out an activity for us to do together as a family from 
Our Summer Bucket List.  We picked going to the Santa Barbara Zoo!  We have
 never been, so all of us were excited!  We packed up the car and headed down to 
Santa Barbara to spend the day.

The first exhibit we checked out was the Chinese Alligator.

Next we headed to see the Cockatoo & Turkey Vultures.

One of Liam's favorites to watch were the Penguins swimming, 
which he called "flying in the water."

Just around the bend, we checked out the 
White-Handed Gibbon and Leopard Tortoises. 

Across the way were the Flamingos and the American Alligator, 
which was sunbathing in the warm sun.

The Giraffe exhibit was one of all our favorites! 

After walking around for awhile, we decided to take 
a break for lunch and watch "How to Train Your Dinosaur" show, 
starting Duncan, the Dinosaur!

Liam and I being a little silly and decided what to go see next after lunch.

We decided on checking out the children's park.  There was a hill 
that the kids were using cardboard to slide down.  Liam had a blast sliding down!

We took a few pictures in this HUGE bird's nest and some eggs.

Foxes are really special to my family, so I just had to 
take a picture of this handsome fellow.

We next headed on to see some Guinea Pigs and the American Bald Eagle.

Then on to see the Gorillas. There's the hubby seeing how long his arm span is.

After the Gorillas we started heading back down to the front gate.  
Along the way we found the Asian Elephants.

One of our little traditions is collecting "Squish Pennies" from different places we go.  
So when Liam spotted the Squish Penny machine, he just had to 
add a new one or two for his collection.  He chose a the Santa 
Barbara Zoo Logo and a Raccoon one.

This is the flower that I received from the Zoo for Mother's Day.  
That was very thoughtful of them to do that for all the Moms out there!

Liam totally zonked out on the drive back home!

The zoo was a great way to spend Mother's Day! So happy Liam picked that out of the Summer Bucket.  After we got home the hubby made me an awesome Mother's Day dinner.  
Overall, the day was just AMAZING!  Wonder what he will pick tomorrow....

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