Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Good afternoon! Today, has been a pretty chill day, since we started our day off a little later than normal.  Liam and I slept in till about 9am this morning and man did it feel great!  This morning we had a few errands to run, so Liam picked out a shorter activity to do today from Our Summer Bucket.  Can you guess what it was?  Today, we were going to play Badminton!

This was Liam's first time playing and it sure was fun! 

It was a little windy for the shuttlecock out on the tennis courts, 
which made it a little hard for Liam to actually hit it.  
But he kept on trying and every once in a while he would get one.  
Guess it will just take a little more practice.

After awhile, he just wanted to be silly.

And wanted me to take pictures of him.

So I did, you can never have too many pictures of your kiddos!

We played for about half an hour before heading home so he could take a nap.  
What a great day outside!  Looking forward to tomorrow's activity!

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