Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

     Happy Monday everyone!  Today, Liam picked out having a play date with a friend out of Our Summer Bucket List, so we headed over to my friend Tori (Lil' Mrs. Crafty) house so Liam could play with her son Brendan.  They always have so much fun and today was no exception.

As soon as we arrived, Liam bee lined it to the Cars GeoTrax set!

Then they moved on to the Cars....it's all about cars with these boys.

He soon discovered B's swords.....He showed me his sword 
skills, then him and B went outside to battle on the trampoline. 

Lunch time with his best buddy!

After lunch they played on the swing set, the cars, and the scooter.

Liam first time riding a scooter, he did pretty well.  
Just needs some shoes and a helmet!

It was so cute watching Liam and Brendan take turns pushing each other in the buggy.

Go Liam! Go Brendan!

We had a lot of fun over at Tori's...Momma got to hang out with her
 friend, enjoy some lunch, and relax while little man played and played with his buddy.
Another great pick out of the Summer Bucket!  What shall we do tomorrow?

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