Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still Preggers....

  Hi there everyone, well my "due" date (September 23rd) has come and gone!  It is now Wednesday, 3 days post due date and still preggers. My first pregnancy was so easy and on time, so to have to play the waiting game and be over due is so hard to adjust to.  I totally thought I would be holding my little girl in my arms already, but she obviously has another agenda.  So, I've been doing ALL I can to try and get this labor started, but so far nothing.  Last Friday, I was having pretty consistent contractions during the day only for them to fad away that afternoon.  Mom AKA, MeeMaw, has been in town from Texas to help out with her new grand baby, but so far she's been helping me around the house.  It's been great having her here!  All those simple things, like doing the dishes or switching loads of laundry has gotten a little difficult with this growing baby belly getting in the way.  My dad, brother, and sister will be coming to visit on Friday and visiting for the weekend.  But with these days flying by, I hope little Kinley will make her appearance before they arrive and before they all leave on October 1st!  I have a check up tomorrow so we shall see what the doctor says, that's if I don't go into labor today/tonight, which I'm crossing my fingers for.  I'll be keeping everyone updated as much as I can.
                                                                        Wish me luck!


Exactly how I feel....Hahahahaha
(Oh, and that's not me in the picture)
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