Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving In...Finally

     When the day finally arrived I think we were all shocked when the moving truck actually pulled up to our driveway.  It was really happening! We were going to get our stuff! YAY! After waiting and waiting, the time had finally come.  It was pretty smooth, they would bring in some boxes and I would check the inventory sheets and mark them off.  Took all day, but I was happy when it was complete.  Now we just have all the boxes to deal with.

     Usually, when we move I would have all the boxes unpacked, things organized and put away, and boxes ready to be picked up in like two days.  But, being preggers has definitely slowed me down, especially combined with the heat.  So, this round I have been taking my time and trying not to over work myself.  As of right now, we have about five more boxes to go through and a garage to organize so we can get the cars back in there and out of the sun.
     With all the boxes around, Liam discovered the little inventory stickers and decided to stick them all over himself.  It was really cute, such a silly little man!

     So far, the house is coming together quite nicely.  I've got Liam's room organized and decorated all in Transformers, of course.  Kinley's nursery is all decorated in gray, yellow, white, and purples.  So girly, I love it!  I'll have to post some pictures of their rooms.  As for our room, well, it is lacking in the decorations, but we do have curtains up.  Guess I need to work on that one, same with the guest room.  The computer and office stuff is still in boxes and scattered in the corner.  But the rest of the house is looking great.  I even got all our family photos hung up, making the house more of a home.  We have some more to go, but it's getting there.

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