Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

     The first weekend of September just so happened to be my birthday weekend and guess who drove out to surprise me??  My parents!  They arrived on Friday and left on Monday.  It was so nice having them around, it's been awhile since we've seen them.  Plus, they got to see the new house for the first time too.  It was a pretty relaxed weekend.
     They got in Friday evening, the hubby had to work that night, so we headed to my dad's favorite restaurant, Golden Corral, for dinner.  Then came back to the house to hang out before we all headed to bed.
     Saturday, September 1st, was my actual birthday!  A young 32 and counting!  I opened my presents, a iHome dock for my phone, gift cards, Dutch oven, and dress...then had some breakfast.  Mom, Liam, and I went shopping to Target and Albertsons in the morning while the hubby slept (he had a late night shift) and dad was content "watching" football.

     We found some of things off my baby list, diapers, wipes, hospital robe, nursing cami's, diaper cream, newborn onesies, and much more!  I had a great time shopping with my mom again.  Liam even got some new Ninjago Lego guys, which he was thrilled about.  After our shopping spree at Target we headed over to Albertson's for a few groceries for Sunday night's special dinner, then drove back home.  Liam got a nap and the rest of us watched some more football.  Later that night we headed to The Cattle Barron for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  It was the first time the hubby and I have been and it was delish! I got a salad, filet mignon, loaded baked potato, and fried ice cream for my special birthday dessert.  It was so good, we were all stuffed when we left.

     Sunday, Setpember 2nd, mom and I got up early to start the prep work for making dinner and dessert for that night.  We planned on going to the Hatch Chile Festival during the day, so coming home to an already prepared meal sounded great to us.  One of the gifts I got from the hubby was a real Dutch Oven! I have wanted one for awhile and was so excited to try it out on Julia Child's famous Boeuf Bourguignon from her Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook.  While I worked on the stew mom was busy making my Triple-Layer Lemon Cake.  Once the cake was baked, frosting and curd made, and stew in the oven to bake for 2-3 hours, we all got dressed and headed to Hatch, New Mexico to check out the festival.

     There were chile peppers EVERYWHERE and it was HOT!! We parked and walked around till we could bare it no longer.  We stopped at food truck and ordered some lunch.  Afterward, mom picked out some chiles and we called it a day.  We drove back home and was greeted but the lovely smell of the stew in the oven.  We put Liam down for a nap while mom and I finished up the cake and the stew. That night enjoyed one of the best dishes I have made in a long time...then we had cake! Liam even helped me blow out all the candles.  It was another great day!

Papaw & Liam

     September 2nd is also the day the hubby and I seven years ago went down to the Colorado Springs Justice of the Peace and got married in front of a judge and my parents.  We did the whole JP thing first, then planned our BIG wedding at the church for the following year, May 2006.

     Monday, was a sad day.  Mom and dad left to go back home to Texas.  It was definitely a nice visit, and I know they will be back so for the birth of Kinley.  Mom plans on flying out on Sept. 20th, which is right around the corner and dad and my sister will be driving into town (only 8 hours, the way he drives) after she's born.  So much to look forward to, we are all excited!  I had an awesome birthday

     On a side note, I also received these beautiful flowers for my birthday from my awesome Bestie Kristi!!

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