Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drama, Drama, Moving Drama

     So...we arrived in Las Cruces on July 12th and the movers were SUPPOSE to deliver our stuff on July 18th...but, that is not what happened.  We've had so many problems with this moving company.  I'll just say we didn't get our stuff till July 27th, 9 days late!  Anyways......While we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting for our goods to be delivered we stayed in 4 different hotels and made the best of it.
     The first hotel we stayed at was the Army Hotels on White Sands Army Base, but with it being sooo far from town, we decided to pack up our stuff and move in town to Comfort Suites.  It was pretty nice, Liam had his own bed which was great.  They even had a pool which we definitely took advantage of.  We stayed only a couple of days...then decided to find a hotel closer to the house, so wouldn't have to drive as much.

     The third hotel we stayed at was the Hilton Suites, a little closer to the house.  So everyday we would get up, get dressed, grab some breakfast, then head over to the house to check up on Sparky, since we would leave him there instead of keeping him in the hotel.  Many times we would find him hiding in one of the lower cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.  Liam had a lot of fun trying to find him.  In the meantime, the hubby and I found odd jobs around the house to keep us busy while Liam played with his toys, watch a movie on my laptop, or we would draw on the Kindle Fire.  Let's just say many trips to Lowe's were had and continue to be had.  Seems like we were there everyday finding something else to improve our new home.  I think the employees started to recognize us.   My project: to line all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers, the hubby's: to replace all the ceiling lightbulbs with eco friendly florescent ones.  When we would take our break, we would set up a picnic on the floor to have some lunch together.  We were so excited when we found out the movers would be coming within the next two after those two days, we headed back to the house to wait, but of course they didn't come.

Liam's skeleton drawing...

My Monster Truck drawing.

     When we weren't at the house making improvements, we kept busy doing fun stuff around the our new city.  We checked out some furniture at Ashley Furniture, which was right down the street from our house.  Before we even went inside, Liam had dropped his brand new Ninjago Lego piece in one of the cracks in the car.  So of course, it turned into a big deal.  After about 30 minutes of searching they finally retrieved the lost piece and Liam was happy again.  I just had to take some was too funny watching the guys squeeze themselves in the tiny space.

     After two days staying in the Hilton Suites, we got word again that our shipment would be arriving.  So we checked out of the hotel and headed to the house to wait on the movers....only to be let down AGAIN!  They didn't show up, so we wind up checking into our fourth hotel, this time the Days Inn.  This was the best hotel out of all them.  The beds were comfy, great location, big fridge and microwave, the pool was warm, and it was the cheapest.  One of our favorite things to do was check out all the new restaurants we now have available to us.  We tried out Dion's Pizza which was very tasty.  Liam drew a lovely picture of our family.  That one is a keeper!! 

     We also tried out the High Desert Brewing Company which had some yummy Mozzarella sticks.  While we were there, a HUGE, and mean HUGE bug was flying around me.  I thought it was a bumble bee, but it turned out to be big beetle.  We gave him a piece of onion and he went to town!

     Not only did we check out the local eateries, we took Liam to a few fun places like Peter Piper Pizza...

a bouncy house place in the mall....

     I'll just say, this move has definitely been interesting to say the least.  It's had it's ups, being able to experience Las Cruces and having the hubby off work for awhile, and it's downs, the miscommunication from the moving company.  But even though it was a rough move, we have a lot to be thankful for....we are all healthy, we found a great school for Liam, the hubby has a great new job, we have a new home, and we are going to be blessed with a little girl soon....and of course, the movers finally came!

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