Friday, September 21, 2012

Sparky's Bath

     If you have ever personally seen our cat you would know he is HUGE! Almost 20lbs, all black with green yellowish eyes, long teeth that stick out from his lips, dainty paws, but a BIG belly.  We call him our panther.  Well, with the recent move to Las Cruces, I think the dry air and all the dust (since it IS a desert out here) was bothering him.  So, Liam and I gave him his FIRST bath!  (I bathed him and Liam took pictures) He's an older cat and we have always used those pet bath wipes on him which seem to do the job, plus I was always a little afraid on how he would do in a real bath.  He still has all his claws and wasn't looking forward to being bitten with those huge teeth  if he didn't like the water.  But, I was brave and to my surprise...he did amazing!  He was calm and didn't even meow! So, we shall say there will be many more baths in his future.  I think he was so much happier afterward, his coat was so silky soft and shiny and he wasn't coughing up hairballs anymore.  YAY!!

     After his bath, Liam helped me dry and brush him.  We were so impressed on how Spary did, we gave him some kitty treats as a reward. Way to go Sparky!

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