Monday, September 10, 2012

White Sands Army Base

     After picking up the hubby's car from the shipping company, we headed to Chili's for some lunch before we finished our trip to White Sands Missile Range, where we planned on staying at the IHG Army Hotel for the next few days till we closed on our new house and the movers to deliver our stuff.

The base is a pretty long drive back into town, so we made the best of staying on base.  
There was an awesome park that we took Liam to.

We even grilled a few times at the park.  
And saw our first native New Mexican wildlife creature...a TARANTULA!!! 

We checked out the White Sands Heritage Museum.

While we were there, the hubby almost stepped on our 
 second native New Mexican wildlife creature we saw....a BULL SNAKE!!

To keep Liam busy, we took him to the aquatic center, which he loved 
and went down the water slide by himself for the first time, took him to the movie 
theater to see "The Avengers", and busted out the water guns for a water fight.

It was a fun time, but we only lasted a few days there due to 
the drive into and back from town for meals, everyday things 
at Walmart or Target.....So we decided to book another hotel in the city.  
Luckily, we closed on our new house while we were there, so we were able to take
Sparky to the house to stay while we stayed in the hotel. 

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