Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Trails Texas, Hola New Mexico

     Well, the time had come, we had spent 15 days in good 'ole San Antone and now it was time to say goodbye.  Everything and everyone was packed and ready, said our goodbyes and drove to the nearest Shipley Do-Nut shop for some yummy pastries for breakfast!

Then we were on the road....8 plus hours to go before we get home!

Did make a few stops to get out a stretch and enjoy some snacks!

We stopped for some lunch in a little town. It was really good!

Then back on the road, Liam actually fell asleep watching Hotel Transylvania.

While Liam slept we stopped to feed Kinley and let her out of her carseat for awhile.
(Don't worry the car was off and parked)

Our little racer!  Must take after her PapPaw!

Just about out of Texas this was our view of the beautiful sunset.

El Paso! Almost home!

We decided to go ahead and stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner before 
finishing out the drive home.  I had some Chicken & Dumplings, Carrots, 
and Green Beans.  Oh so yummy! Liam really liked the Mac N Cheese there!

We finally rolled into our garage around 11:00pm-ish, unpacked what we needed, 
put the tired kiddos to bed, then crawled into our own bed for the night.  
Nothing beats being home sleeping in your own bed after a long trip.

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