Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Father's Day Gift for Papa

     With Father's Day literally right around the corner, I had planned on making something special for my Father-in-Law while down in Texas.  But with so many things to do for the shower, the baptism, seeing all our family and friends it got put aside.  So when we got  back home, I made sure to get it completed.

3 picture frame
stamp pad
paper cutter
card stock paper

How to make it:

Print "Only the Best Father's Get Promoted to Papa" or you could use Grandpa, Grand Daddy, Grandfather, Grands, Opa, PaPa, PapPaw, whatever your child calls his grandfather out on a piece of white card stock paper.
Cut around the words to fit into the frame for the middle picture.

Have your child step on the ink pad, then place their foot on another piece of card stock, cut to fit in the frame.

Here's what they would look like printed on the card stock.

Then to make it more personal, I had Liam write his name by his foot.  And since Kinley can't write yet, I just wrote her name by hers.

Then tape the pieces of card stock to the inside of the frame facing down, that way they don't move within the frame.
Place the back on the frame and that's it!

A very personal and special gift for Papa!

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