Saturday, June 22, 2013

Texas We Have Arrived!

     So after a long drive to Texas, we had finally arrived around 11:30pm Central Time.  The first few days we just hung out at my mom's house, prepping everything for my sister's baby shower and my daughter's baptism.  Many mornings Kinley and I would be up early so we would go outside, before the humidity hit, to hang out in the lovely backyard while my mom watered all her plants.  Coffee and Cinnamon Muffins the perfect breakfast for outside.

Liam created some beautiful Angry Bird masterpieces.

Kinley having some fun while Liam colored.

Saturday was FINALLY my sister's baby shower.  My mom, Kinley and I were busy all day at my sister's Mother-in-law's house hosting the shower.  And Kinley actually took a nap there (in the pack-n-play of course), something Liam would NEVER have done!  
Everything went perfect and Alicia loved it!  

As a Thank You from my sis, she gave me this FABULOUS watch, which I absolutely LOVE! 

And these fabulous Macarons (my FAVORITE cookies) from Bakery Lorraine!

Oh they were so good, I didn't want to share!

Since the ladies were occupied, the guys went fishing with the hubby's family.

Liam my little fisherman!  They even caught some Bluegill and Bass.

On Sunday we headed to the church to get Kinley baptized.

Oh Happy Day!

My little lady wearing the beautiful baptism gown MeeMaw made for her special day.

She was such a great baby during the whole Mass.  
She was smiley and even waving to everyone in the pews.

After Mass everyone headed over to my parent's house for some Texas BBQ.  
It was SO good!  Oh how I missed some yummy brisket!

Liam hanging out with Ina.

Playing with his new Transformer Prada King from his Godfather.

These are some of the sweet gifts for Kinley.  
She received this beautiful remembrance block from Aunt Alicia & Uncle Brandon.

A beautiful Irish shaw and James Avery necklace with her sapphire birthstone.

I can't wait to present it to her when she gets older.

Her Aunt Cathy gave her this cute fox outfit.  She knows how we love foxes!

Nana & Papa gave her this nice plaque to display her picture in her room.

Little miss at her BBQ....silly girl!

That night after the kiddos went to bed, mom and I snuggled with the kitties on her bed 
and watched some Iron Chef.  I was nice to be home!

Bailey wanted my snack...sneaky kitty.

The next morning, the kiddos, mom and I went for an early morning walk...
after I put Alicia's baby stroller together for her so Kinley could use it.

The kiddos checking out Ruby, my dad's ongoing project.

I got a little artsy with this shot of the kids. (Don't worry, my mom is holding Kinley).

We also loaded up the swimsuits and floaties and headed over to a family friend's house for some fun in the sun!  The kiddos LOVED splashing and swimming in the pool.  

Taking a break for some snacks!

Time to say goodbye and go back home.

     That night we met up with some friends to catch the last quarter of the San Antonio Spurs versus Miami Heat..which they won (Game 1)!  Then we went over
to the Lion and the Rose British Irish Pub.  The guys enjoyed some 
pints and we all enjoyed the Sticky Toffee Pudding to the last you can see.

The next day, Liam hung out with daddy, so mom, Kinley and I met Ina at 
The Shops of La Cantera for some walking, shopping, and lunch.  
We stopped to let Kinley watch the waterfalls.

Guess it's time for lunch, Kinley started to eat her shoe.

We tried out this burger place BurgerFi.  It was so delish! 
The best part, you got a FREE custard sundae if you 
posted a picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter....I did ALL three! 

Kinley's new best friend Ina.

That night, we drove out to Schertz to eat dinner with the in-laws at Chili's.  
Here's Papa holding his youngest grand-daughter.

The next day, mom had bought a jumper for Kinley to play in.  She loved it!

It definitely came in handy while my mom, sis and I prepped dinner for Asian night!
Mom worked on the fried rice, eggs rolls, and sushi, while sis and I made all the dumplings.

Look at all the food! So good!!

The next day, my sister had taken the day off from work to spend with us.  
So we loaded up the kiddos and headed back to The Shops at La Cantera for lunch.   
Kinley wore her new outfit Nana gave her.  Such a cutie!

We decided to go to Grimaldi's Pizzeria for lunch!


Little Miss just being silly wearing big brother's sunglasses.

The hubby and I were able to have a date night.  
After we put the kiddos to bed we met up with some friends 
at Hofbrau & Beergarden for a night out!

The hubby and I enjoying our free time! Thanks MeeMaw for the night out!

Jessica's monstrous margarita!

The hubby tried one too, his was called the Bomb Pop!

He drank it all!

The next day we headed over to a friend's house for some more swimming!

Just keep swimming...

They turned on the fountain, Liam liked playing in it.

And....the waterside was the biggest hit with Liam. 
 I don't even know how many times he went down it!

Kinley loved it too, especially chilling in the warm water of the hot tub (bath water warm).

Look at my little water baby!

And my other water baby!

They loved floating together!

That night we went back home and dined on some Dominos and salad, put the kiddos to bed, 
then us adults hung out around the fire pit in the backyard.  
It was a nice ending to a wonderful day.

Early the next morning, the kiddos got in the hot tub (bath water warm) with MeeMaw.  

Kinley loved all the bubbles.

I'm not sure if Liam was really awake yet.

That night we watched the Spurs play and I enjoyed some yummy treats, Sparking apple cider and some Sea Salt Caramel Gelato.  Then I started packing for our trip home in the morning.

That was our last night there, the next morning we were packed up and leaving for New Mexico by 10:00am!  It was such a nice long visit, we saw all our family and friends, hosted a great baby shower, got Kinley baptized, tried some new restaurants, did some shopping, went swimming, and rooted for the Spurs.  It was time to go home.....

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