Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yarn Candle Holders

     Project #2 for the baby shower.  I wanted to have a few candles around on the tables, but wanted them to look pretty and in the color scheme.  So I found different size candle holders and votives to wrap in yarn.  Very easy and turns out so pretty.  Here's how I made them...

Glass candle holders/votives
Different color yarn (I used Mint, Navy, & Orange)
Glue gun
Any color candles

Starting at the bottom, squirt a little glue around the bottom of the candle holder.
Either using your finger or a sponge brush smear the glue around the glass.

Take whatever color yarn you want to do first and stick the end piece to the smeared glue.
Then start wrapping the yarn around the candle holder.
Make sure it is tight and close to each other, so there won't be any gaps.

Keep wrapping the yarn and smearing more glue the higher up the glass you wrap.
Continue till about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way up the glass.
Cut the yarn, then using the glue gun, glue the end to the glass.

Let the glue dry so the yarn can set.
Insert a candle and that's it.
Light it up and you have a simple elegant yarn candle holder!

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