Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Game Time!

     A baby shower wouldn't be complete unless there were some fun games to play.  I've played my fair share of baby shower games so I knew I wanted something new to play.

     For the Pickle Game, our guests just wrote their guess on how many pickles were in the jar and their name on a piece of paper.  After the shower, we counted them up, there were 15!  The closest guess was 19 and she won the jar of pickles!

     I know it's not technically a game, but mom came up with the idea of having every guest sign a birthday card for every year Camden till he's 18!  So every year my sister can present him with a special birthday card from someone at her shower and then put it in his baby book for a keepsake.

     After everyone had signed the birthday cards, we moved on to the Pregnancy So Sweet game.  I gave everyone 1 minute to match the baby words to a corresponding type of candy.  The winner got 10 out of 12! Way to go! She won a huge bag of all the candies listed on this game! Hope she has a sweet tooth!

     I save the BEST game for last!  BABY JEOPARDY ! My sister and I are huge fans of the television show, so I thought it would be a fun game to play for a baby shower with baby related items as the answers.  I even included a Final Jeopardy. Alicia's team won, they only wagered $1 in final Jeopardy! Each member of the team took home a little baggy of lotion and body wash.

Everyone got really involved and had a great time playing! 

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