Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day in the Life of Me

     So, I know I have been all about blogging my sister's baby shower, then we had the baptism, tried to catch everyone up on our trip to, there, and back from Texas, some recipes to share, but today I feel like  writing about our everyday life.

     Well, the hubby is back on night shifts, which means this momma is working double duty.  Seems like days are just a blur and they are over with before they even start. Between getting up, getting breakfast for everyone, play time, nursing, putting Kinley down for nap, hang out with Liam, try to get some laundry done, then time to work on baby skills with Kinley when she wakes up or go get errands run before lunch, lunch time, oh can't forget about the diaper changes, play time some more, another nap for Kinley, then maybe a snack for Liam and I, Kinley wakes time to start on dinner, eat dinner, attempt to get dishes washed and put in dishwasher, bath time already, get kiddos ready for bed, Liam reads Kinley bedtime stories, Liam has his "Kindle" time while I nurse and put Kinley down for bed, then it's Liam's turn, teeth brushed, books read, songs sung, then he's in bed......Momma finally gets a break.  To go to sleep or enjoy quiet time, that is the question....

     Yes, it get s a little crazy during the day but I do find the time to have some fun with the kiddos.  We did make it to the commissary and they rode together in the cart.  Kinley loved "driving" with Liam.

Oh, my sweethearts!

Kinley has discovered the laundry basket.  She loves being in it.  
This was the first time she stood on her own. 

Liam took pictures of his Angry Bird castle...Before


Kinley liked playing in the block box instead of the blocks.

We have been cheering for the Spurs...unfortunately they lost.

Kinley tried Lima Beans for the 1st time and loved them!

Liam and his Kindle Time

Kinley actually drank some "Momma Milk" from a straw sippy cup!
Way to go!

Bubbles outside are always fun, even in our undies.

Kinley has been zippin' around in her walker...she'll be walking in no time!

Trying to figure out her new choo choo train.

Fun in the sun! I recently bought a little pool for us to play in on these HOT days!

Mom bought Kinley a jumpy, she loves it! 
I just get a little worried she's going to bop her head on the door frame.
Jump Jump Jump Kinley!

    While we were in Texas the hubby picked up his comic book collection from his parent's house and brought them with us back home.  So Liam and him spent some of the day going through them all.  They both had a good time looking through them.  But, I don't think Liam gets why they have to stay in the plastic pouch, he wanted to really look at all of them.

     Recently, I have discovered this new series on Netflix called Hemlock Grove which I've been watching after the kiddos go to bed.  It's really good! Since you know I am a True Blood and Twilight fan, this is definitely up my alley!  Plus, it has Bill Skarsgard, Alexander Skarsgard's brother in is. (For those of you who don't know who Alexander Skarsgard, where have you been??....he's Eric Northman from True Blood).  Anyways...I can't wait to watch the next episode tonight!

     Well, that's what has been going on in our house.  Just staying busy busy.  Looking forward to the hubby's day off so we can spend some family time together.  I know Liam really wants to see Monsters University, so we shall see.

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