Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Name Banner

Project #4: Since my sister has picked a name for her little man, I wanted to make sure to incorporate it into the shower decorations.  So, I thought about making a pendent banner to hang up by garland.  Plus she can hang it up in his room if she likes.

Here's what you need:
Canvas Pendents
Letters to use as stencils
Two-sided iron on adhesive
Glue dots
Colored Twine
White leaded pencil
Hole puncher
Sewing machine

Here's how to make it:
Using a letter as a stencil, place the letter backwards on the fabric 
then trace around it with the pencil.
Cut out the letters.

Stick the letter cut outs on one side of the two-sided iron on adhesive.
Cut out the letters.

Peel the paper backing from the letter and place it in the center of the canvas pendent.

Iron the fabric letter onto the canvas.

Decorate the letter with ribbon and buttons.

Punch a hole in each top corners of the pendent.
Next, place the punched pendent on top of another pendent 
and using a pencil mark where the holes are.
Do the same with the remaining pendents, then punch the marks.

Using the twine, string it through the holes.

I hung it up and here's what it looks like.....It's cute, but thought it was too plain.

To spruce it up a little, sewed a zigzag seam around the top of the pendants and a chevron seam around the sides of the pendant.  

It makes such a big difference it made it even cuter!

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