Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding....

     Ok, so I have been breastfeeding Kinley since she was born, she will be 9 months tomorrow.  In the beginning I set some personal goals for myself.  Since, I only BF Liam for 3 months, I wanted to try and go longer with Kinley.  I first set 3 months as a goal, when I reached that I then set it to 6 months, when I passed that, I thought I would try for 9 months.....Well, I have reached that goal too, and I'm really happy and proud of myself for doing it!
     Recently, we have been trying to introduce the bottle with "momma's milk" to her and wean her from the boob, but it has definitely been rough!  She's really never liked the bottle, we've tried two brands so far (Nuk & Tommee Tippee).  The hubby found some new ones to try so we will give those a go.  We have also introduced a stippy cup with a straw to see if that would peak her interest.  It did for like 5 minutes, but she didn't drink all the milk.  The whole reason I want to wean her is that since her bottom teeth have come in and looks like the top two will pop through any day now, she has has started biting me.  I know she doesn't mean to, but it HURTS!  It's gotten to the point of being painful.  I want to continue giving her my milk but I'm just worried I won't be able to produce as much milk that she needs just by pumping.  Does anyone out there have any good suggestions??
     It seems like when I try to pump what I can, there isn't much due to the fact she drank it all.  So either I let her nurse from me through the pain or pump it to try and do a bottle.  Which doesn't always work.  So I feel the milk is going to waste because she isn't drinking it.  When people say "don't cry over spilled milk" they don't understand everything that does into making that milk.  So, when it's not used up and goes to waste it IS a big deal!  I used to have a pretty good stash of stored milk in the freezer, but it has dwindled down.  And I feel I can't make enough to restock it.  I don't know what to do.  We have tried some formula just to see if she would like it and of course, she refused to drink it.  This is really worrying on me and feel a little stressed....what to do? What to do?

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