Friday, June 14, 2013

Pregnancy So Sweet Baby Game

Project #6: For the baby shower I wanted to have at least 3 games to for the guests to play.  So, I came up with another game, Pregnancy So Sweet.  It's really simple, the guests have 30 seconds to match the Pregnancy terms to the corresponding candies.  The guest with the most answers right wins a prize.

Here's what you need:

12x12 Scrapbook paper
Paper cutter
Hold Puncher
Printed game sheets
Scrapbook paper adhesive stickers

Cut the 12x12in scrapbook paper in half.
(Can make 2 game sheets)

Type up the game on computer, print it out.
Trim the sides of the printed game sheet to fit on the scrapbook paper, 
leaving extra room on the left side.

Attach some scrapbook adhesive stickers to the back of the printed game sheet and stick to the scrapbook paper.
Trim off the excess scrapbook paper.

Punch two holes in the scrapbook paper in the extra space to the left.
Slide a sharpened pencil into the holes (I didn't sharpen mine for the demo)

There ya go, another fun baby shower game to play, equipped with game sheet and writing utensil!

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