Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nay's Orange Cookies

     One of my absolute favorite cookies are my Aunt Nay Nay's Orange Cookies.  My mom used to bake these up for us growing up and they usually didn't last the day.  The whole batch would be gone in an instant!  They are so light and soft with a delicious orange citrus flavor to them!


1 cup unsalted butter (room temperature)
2 eggs
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 cup sour milk*
  * 1 TBsp white vinegar
1/2 cup orange juice
1 cup orange zest
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
4 cup flour

1 TBsp butter (room temperature)
1 tsp orange flavoring extract
1 1/2 cup powder sugar (sifted)
orange juice
orange zest

How to make them:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line baking pans with parchment paper.
To sour milk, add vinegar to milk let stand on oven to sour for over an hour.
Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
Add eggs, orange juice, and sour milk.
Sift flour, baking soda, and baking powder in a large bowl, then add to butter mixture.
Add orange zest, mix until combined.
Scoop onto baking prepared baking pans.
Bake 10-12 minutes.
Cool for 5 minutes then transfer to wire rack to cool completely.

Cream butter with orange flavoring.
Slowly add powder sugar and just enough orange juice to make the icing spreadable.
Add in orange zest, mix until combined.
Spread icing on cooled cookies and Enjoy!

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