Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Jeopardy Shower Game

     Project #5 : Over the years I have been to and hosted many baby showers and we always tend to play the same shower games.  This time around I wanted something fun and different that I have never done before.  So, I got this idea to play Baby Jeopardy.  The mom-to-be LOVES the T.V. show Jeopardy, so I know she will have a blast playing this version with her friends.  I came up with different fun categories that relate to baby in some way.  Then I came up with answers and questions.  Of course, the contestants will have to answer with "What is..."

Here's what you need:

Large Foam Board
Sharpie Marker
Pencil or pen
Standard size Post-It notes (5 different colors)

Here's how to make it:

Categories: Diaper Bag Items, Celebrity Moms, Movie Titles with the Word Baby in it, Nursery Rhymes, Meanings of Names, Animal Mommies

C - Catagory
A - Answer
Q - Question

C -  Diaper Bag Items        
(100) A -Butt Ointment  Q - "What is..." Diaper Cream
(200) A - Paper Poop Holder Q - Diaper
(500) A - Soothing Tool  Q - Pacifier
(1000) A - Milk Container Q - Bottle
(2000) A - Cleaning Squares Q - Wipes

C - Celebrity Moms
(100) A - Sparrow Q - "Who is..." Nicole Richie
(200) A - Apple Q - Gwyneth Paltrow
(500) A - Blue Ivy Q - Beyonce
(1000) A - Zuma Q - Gwen Stefani
(2000) A - Fynn Q - Tori Spelling

C - Movie Titles with the Word Baby in it
(100) A - Christina Applegate is Sue Ellen Q - "What is..." Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
(200) A - Three guys share Dad duty Q - 3 Men & a Baby
(500) A - A journey into the city with three kids to get their car fixed by Thor Q - Adventures in Babysitting
(1000) A - A female boxer tries to become a professional boxer Q - Million Dollar Baby
(2000) A - Johnny Depp & Ricki Lake are misfit teens Q - Cry Baby

C - Nursery Rhymes
(100) A - "they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them." Q - "What is..." Little Bo Peep
(200) A - "sheep's in the meadow, the cows in the corn." Q - Little Boy Blue
(500) A - "put in his thumb and pulled out a plum." Q - Little Jack Horner
(1000) A - "it's fleece as white as snow." Q - Mary Had a Little Lamb
(2000) A - "fell down and broke his crown." Q - Jack and Jill

C - Meanings of Names
(100) A - Of Noble Kin Q - "What is..." Alicia
(200) A - From the Broom Hill Q - Brandon
(500) A - From the Ash Tree Q - Ashley
(1000) A - From the Valley of Camps  Q - Camden
(2000) A - Victory of the People Q - Cole

C - Animal Mommies
(100) A - Cub Q - "What is..." Fox, bear, lion, tiger, shark
(200) A - Calf Q - Cow, antelope, elephant, hippo, rhino, whale
(500) A - Pup Q - Dog, fox, rat, seal
(1000) A - Foal Q - Zebra, horse, donkey
(2000) A - Kit Q - Beaver, rabbit

(Contestants can wager amount of their points) C- Pregnancy Trivia
A - 13.5 lbs Q - "What is..." Average weight loss within hour of delivery

Since there will be six categories, you need to write the point amounts of 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 on six Post-It notes.  (6 - 100 on the yellow, 6 - 200 on the orange, 6 - 500 on the pink, 6 - 1000 on purple, and 6 - 2000 on the blue).

Write the "questions" on the back of the Post-Its with the number amounts on it.

To create the board, line up the Post-It notes vertically, this way you can determine the spacing between each of them.  
Then use a ruler to draw a line vertically down, measure the width of the column and continue drawing the five remaining columns, making sure they are evenly spaced and straight with enough room that each Post-It note with fit.

Do the same for the horizontal lines, line up the six Post-It notes across the bottom of the board.  Measure out the spacing, draw the line across.  
Work upward, drawing more lines making boxes for 4 other Post-It notes, since there is only five point amounts. 
Make sure to leave enough space on top to write the categories titles.

Here's what is should look like.

Start placing the numbered Post-It notes and an additional blank Post-It note in the boxes, starting with the 100's, working going across, then onto the 200's, etc.  
On the second blank Post-It note, write the "answer" to the "What is" question that was written on the backs of the numbered Post-It notes. 
To complete the board, write the correct corresponding category titles to the answers on the Post-It notes at the top about the columns. 

Here's what the competed Baby Jeopardy board should look like.

To include Final Jeopardy, pick a catagory, answer, and question.
Write it all on another Post-It and seal it in an envelope for after the board session of the game.
I just Googled Pregnancy trivia and found an interesting fact to use.
Which team has the most points win the game and will each be given a prize.

Looking forward to playing this with all the ladies!


  1. On the Animal Mommies category, did you have them guess every animal for the points or just one?

    1. Hi Megan, for the Animal Mommies category, I made a list of all the possible answers, so just in case some one had a different answer then the one I thought of. They would only have to guess one animal, not the whole list to get the points. Hope that helps :o)

  2. How did you divide the teams? And how do you decide who starts? I'm planning on doing this with a group of around 40 people!!

  3. Hi Sarah, to make the teams I just had the group divide themselves into 3 even groups. I gave each team member of the group something to "ring in" with when they knew the answer. For example, one group of ladies each had a whistle, the second group had some kazoos, and the third had bells. I used different sound items to distinguish who "rang in" first. As far as who starts, I just had the team with the Mommy-to-Be start the game. Good Luck and have fun! It was definitely a fun game!

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