Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Shower Time

     Even before my sister was preggo, I always knew I would be the one to host her baby shower.  Now that the time has come and she due with my first nephew, Camden Cole, August 13th, I am soooo excited to finally get to plan her shower.  When it comes to my sister, she is very particular on what she likes and doesn't like.  So, I will admit it has taken me awhile to decide on how I want to decorate, serve on the menu, which games to play, and what favors to give out.  I thought about doing a fun woodland theme, since I want to include Red Foxes into the decor, but decided against it.  Instead, I am focusing on certain colors and patterns with a contemporary spin, Navy Blue, Mint Green, Gray, White, and pops of Orange with lots of Chevron patterns and still incorporating the foxes.  (Foxes are really significant to my mom's side of the family, my grandmother Hazel used to collect them.)
     Since I'm planning most of the shower out of town, I'm trying to get most of the decorations completed so I don't have as much work to do when I get back home.  I found a lot of great ideas on Pinterest and Etsy that I made my versions of.  But one of the first things I needed to get done were the invites.  Mom and I worked together to create a one of kind invitation for the shower.  Here's what we came up with..... (blocked out some of the info, but you get what it looks like)

Now time to get them in the mail!

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