Monday, June 10, 2013

Diaper Flower Vases

     Project #3: I wanted to shower my sister with flowers at her baby shower, so I came up with making some Diaper Flower Vases.  Here's how to make your own...

Mason jars/small vases
Size 4 diapers
Rubber bands
Glue dots
1 Large thick roll of ribbon
1 Medium thick roll of ribbon
1 Small thick roll of ribbon

Roll up about 8 diapers and secure each with a rubber band.
Place one rolled diaper vertical against the mason jar and wrap a larger rubber band around the diaper and mason jar.
Fill in the rest of the diapers inside the larger rubber band till they cover the outside of the jar.

Place 2 or 3 glue dots on the inside end of the large roll of ribbon.
Attach it to one of the diapers, then wrap it around the diapers, hiding the large rubber band, then cut and glue the other end on top of the first end.
Do the same with the medium and small rolls of ribbon.

When all the ribbons are around the diapers it's complete.
Just add some water and pretty flowers to the mason jar/ vase and it done!

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