Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chalking Good Time

            I know Kinley is still in the "I want to put EVERYTHING in my mouth" stage, but thought I would give sidewalk chalk a try.  Well, I guess this is yet another activity that will have to wait till she is a little older, since some of it did make it to her mouth.  Let's just say I only took a few pictures before I gave her something else to play with that could go in her mouth.  Liam on the other hand like coloring with it, but decided his Transformers we a lot more fun.

Love this picture, she is so cute looking up at me!

There it the mouth.

Like her green shade of chalk lipstick?

Liam has been all about Transformers Prime Beast Hunters the past few days...
It's nice to get a break from the Angry Birds.

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