Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shabby Chic Baby Shower

     My friend Gaby is having a baby!  Exciting, right?!  I think so, and what's more exciting is that I got to cohost her baby shower.  It's her second baby girl and sometimes having another girl, let alone a second child, the shower is a little played down.  Not in this case, we made sure to make it extra special for her!  I based the shower theme and decorations around the plates and napkins our friend Jenn picked up at Hobby Lobby.  The color scheme we chose were purples and pinks, Gaby's favorite colors.  From there I found some fun shabby chic odds and ends to add to the table scape.  I think it turned out very pretty.  And what made me even more happy is that Gaby and her guests loved it.  It's all about surprising the guest of honor and making them smile.

Since Gaby doesn't have a name picked out just yet, I just made this papermache letters spell out BABY.  They were really easy to make, just some paint, scrapbook paper, doilies, paper flowers, pearls, and jewels.  After the shower, I gave them to her to decorate the baby's room.

Behind the letters was the Diaper Cake Jenn & I made as the centerpiece.

Another "B" for Baby & Birds....

What's a baby shower without some pretty flowers?  
I found these beautiful purple and pink flowers at our local Albertsons.

This part of the table I put some pretty Apothecary Jars I found on Amazon which I filled with yummy purple, pink and white candies.   This pretty pink bird cage and candle is from Hobby Lobby along with the wooden crate and bird.  I added the jewelry, baby blocks, crystal egg, candy and crystal holder, and the cup and saucer for some extra flare.  

These were my favorite!  Little Champagne Bubble Candies by Jelly Belly.

Also found these Shimmering Purple Gumballs

These Pink & White Marshmallows were a big hit too!

The little pink balls are actually Pink Sixlets which I found at a local candy store, 
but I've seen them at Walmart too.

On the other side, I placed a small trunk, pink crate, and the white bird I got at Hobby Lobby.  Then decorated it with more of my jewelry, some home made pinwheels (which were actually made for my baby shower for Kinley), another cup and saucer with more Sixlets, a baby block my sister gave my daughter, a simple white candle, and some more of those beautiful flowers.

Next to the trunk I placed a white picture frame, which I decorated with some cardboard pendents I painted then stuck on some letters to spell BABY.  I also wanted to include something of Gaby's, so we used one of her early ultrasound pictures.  I wrapped some twine around the frame then used these adorable little clothes pins to attach them like a clothes line.  All the craft stuff I found at Hobby Lobby. 

Above the table, I hung some pretty pink lanterns Jenn picked out 
along with some purple and white tulle pom poms I found at Hobby Lobby.

Onto the buffet table....

I put up some pretty purple and pink streamers to decorate the wall, which I found at Hobby Lobby.

I also painted this tree that guests got to sign their name to.
She plans on hanging it in the baby's room.

Jenn picked up some thank you cards that we had all the guests address, 
to make it easier for Gaby to send out.

Here are the plates and napkins Jenn picked out.  I got some pink and purple utensils and put them in some mason jars with some pearls for a cute display.

I also found these fun pink fans at Hobby Lobby that I hung from the bar.

Time to talk about all the yummy food we served.....

First, on the menu Pretty Pasta Salad

How about some Sweet Spinach Salad

This Fetching Fruit & Dip was very tasty

These Classy Chicken Salad Sandwiches were amazing

The Cheerful Cucumber Sandwiches were delicious 

These Plush Pumpkin Pies satisfied the Momma-to-be's pumpkin craving

The Lovely Lemon Chess Pies added some yummy citrus to the dessert buffet

The Momma-to-be loved these Cherry Cutie Pies

The Charming Coconut Cream Pies were a big hit

I really liked these Beauteous Blueberry Galettes

Since we couldn't celebrate with champagne, some sparkling cider did just as well.
We had Sparkling Cran-Apple, Pear, and Pomegranate (Gaby's favorite).

After all the meet and greets, the Momma-to-be did the honors of trying the food first...

When the plates were cleared and cups emptied, 
we gathered around to play some fun shower games!

The first game we played was What's in Your Phone?
It was fun watching everyone play in a phone scavenger hunt.

The second game we played was Pass the Baby.  I used one of Kinley's dolls for this one.

For the last game, I had the guests split up into two teams to play Name That Baby Tune.
This one was very interactive and a lot of fun!  One of our friends here was taking score for us.

For each game, we gave out a prize to the winner.
 I made these cute bags of candy for the winners of the Name that Baby Tune

After the games the ladies created some cute onesies for the little lady to wear.

Everyone getting their creative craftiness on!

I think they turned out pretty adorable! 

Time to open some presents...

Before everyone left, I gave them each one of these cute shower favors Jenn put together. 
They had a pumpkin spice tea light and chocolate truffle in them.

A HUGE thank you to Jenn and Barbara for all your 
help making this such a special day for Gaby.

I was so honored to have hosted such a fun and girly shower for my friend.
Wishing her all the best in the coming months.
Congratulations my friend!

Can't wait to meet that little lady of yours!

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