Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eight Down, Two to Go....

     Started my day off with getting some good sleep before having to wake up to hop in the shower and get ready to get the kiddos up.  Kinley and I had a pretty busy morning, but it didn't stop me from sticking to my challenge.

Trying a  Strawberry, Raspberry, Yogurt, and Orange Juice Smoothie for Breakfast

A simple snack of a Turkey Cheese Roll-Up, Grapes, and Water

For Lunch we had leftover Veggie Pasta with Turkey Marinara, 
Peaches (in water, not corn syrup), and Water

I LOVE tomatoes...these Heirloom & Cherry Tomatoes are the perfect snack with my Water!

Tried out a new recipe for dinner for some Asian Turkey Burgers on Lettuce
 instead of a bun, some Zucchini, Cauliflower, and Water

Got my workout done plus an extra ab workout.

Two more days...here we go!

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