Monday, November 17, 2014

Seven Down, Three To Go...

      Wow, these days are flying by.  Day seven of my challenge, which means I only have three more to go!  Today, was a pretty chill day.  Got some laundry done, dishes done, did some baking, played with the kiddos, blogged a little, ate some yummy clean meals, drank lots of water, and got in my workouts.  So here's my tasty menu...

For breakfast I tried my hand at making some Sweet Potato Hash 
with Ground Turkey and Spinach, some Raspberries 
and 12 Whole Grain Toast on the side with my water.

For snack I blended up a Chocolate Banana Pumpkin Smoothie.
Kinley even drank some too!

For lunch, I couldn't resist not making another 

My afternoon snack was pretty simple.
An Almond Butter Sandwich on 12 Whole Grain bread, Baby Carrots, and Water.

This was very tasty dinner, Veggie Pasta with Ground Turkey Marinara 
with Roasted Cauliflower on the side, and Water.

That evening I did my posted workout (three rounds) and the bonus core ab workout!

I'm ready to call it night...

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