Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Down, Nine to Go...

      A while back I did a 10 Day Fitness Challenge and I got great results.  Since then, I have been slacking in the workout department.  But with the hubby being deployed and two busy kiddos, it's been hard to find the time to do it.  So, I found my former coach and signed myself up to do another.  This one is ten days too!  I am not one to go out for a joy run, and really I don't have the time for that, but I can stick to a workout routine if it's laid out for me, which the coaches post every morning on our Facebook group page.  As for meals, we are to eat cleanly and drink lots of water.  So we were given different clean recipes and some different flavors of Shakeology shakes.  I can't wait to try them all!  First I went through the recipes and planned out my menu and grocery list.  

They on to the store for all my healthy groceries...

Here are the flavors I got from my coach, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate.
I have found so many Shakeology Shake recipes on Pinterest, I've pinned a few I want to try.

So here we go, my first day...

Breakfast consisted of 12 Whole Grain Toast topped with Almond Butter, sliced Bananas and Water.

My AM Snack on the go, Raw Almonds, Cucumber Sticks, and Water.

For Lunch I made a Spinach Salad with Chicken, Apples, Toasted Almonds, & Feta, and Water.

PM Snack consisted of Dried Cranberries, Cheese Turkey Roll-Up, and Water.

And for Dinner, Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry over Brown Rice and Water.

Since I had a pretty busy day, I had to do my 30 minute 
Cardio Workout after the kiddos went to bed.

Today was a pretty successful day.
Looking forward to tomorrow!
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