Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nine Down, One to Go...

     Today I started off kind of sluggish since the kiddos woke up through the night, so that means I didn't get my seven hours of sleep that's part of the challenge.  But hey, it happens.  The kiddos come first.  Besides that, I did ate good meals, drank my water, and got my workout completed after I got home from book club, even though I kinda didn't want to cause I was so tired.  Funny story, were are suppose to post pictures and updates on our day on our group Facebook page and while I was typing I totally fell asleep with my phone in hand mid type.  Guess I was really tired.  That's why I'm posting Day Nine today.....

Breakfast was tasty... Greek Yogurt with Raspberry & Granola and Water

Snack on the go, Banana, some Raw Almonds, and Water

I wasn't all too hungry for lunch, so just half a Smoked Turkey Sandwich 
with Heirloom Tomatoes and Spinach on 12 Whole Grain Bread and Water.

For snack I was kinda wanting something sweet, 
so grabbed one of these Quaker Real Medleys bars.

That night I went to my book club meeting and stuck to my good healthy food choices.
Kale & Sausage Soup, Salad, and Water.

By time I got home it was after 9:30pm-ish, so I really didn't want to workout. 
But thought I am almost done, I need to stick with it.
So....I worked out and felt much better.

One more day!

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