Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Gooey Gak

     Today, from our Summer Bucket List Liam chose to make some Gak!  It was rather quite simple, I found the ingredients and how to from Musings from a Stay At Home Mom.  It was a lot of fun experimenting.


4 oz school glue (the whole bottle)
4 oz water
1/2 tsp Borax
1/4 hot water
food coloring (optional)

How to make it:

Pour the glue into a container with the 4 oz of water.
Mix with a spoon.

Add food coloring and stir well.

Dissolve 1/2 tsp Borax into 1/4 cup Hot water.
Stir until water becomes clear.

Pour the Borax water into the glue mixture.
Stir it up good.

You've made GAK!!

Liam like playing with it, bouncing it, stretching it....

Nice handprint Liam!

So much fun!
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