Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Party Plates

     This month I'm hosting our monthly Ladie's Crafternoon and since Independence day is just two days before the party I thought I would theme it none other than....you guessed it!  4th of July!! I was recently on Pinterest, and came across this idea to put the plates, napkin, and eating utensils all together. I thought, WOW, GENIUS!! I hate it when you are go to get food and you have to hold your plate in one hand while clenching your napkin and eating utensils in the same hand so your free hand can scoop whatever yummy you want to eat on your plate.  Usually, I just wrap my fork in a napkin then stick it in my pocket, but when if I don't have any pockets...then in the same dilemma.  So....here's the perfect solution!  Attach the napkin and eating utensil to the plate! Like I said..GENIUS!!

Here's what you need:

Paper plates
Paper napkins
Eating utensils (I just used forks)
Hold puncher

How to make them:

Start by punching two holes beside each other on the rim of the plate. 

Roll up the eating utensils in the napkin.

Cut a piece of twine/ribbon long enough to tie a bow.
String through the holes with the twine/ribbon ends coming out with the printed side of the plate.

Tie twine/ribbon into a bow around the rolled eating utensil and napkin.

There ya go! That's it! Perfect for any 4th of July Party!

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