Monday, July 1, 2013

Boob to Bottle in A Day!

      So if you read one of my earlier posts you know that I have been stressed out about weaning Kinley from boob to some sort of bottle.  Well we finally had some success!  Like I said we tried the 3 different types of bottles (Nuk, Tommee Tippee, and Comotomo).  Here's the only picture of her actually trying to drink from it.  But after I took that picture she tossed the bottle and didn't want it anymore.

     Since she didn't care for the bottles, we thought maybe she might like drinking her "Momma's Milk" from a straw sippy cup.  She liked it, but couldn't sip up enough for her at a time.  I think it is because the straw is too short.

     Finally, the hubby got the brilliant idea to try Liam's CamelBak water bottle.  She has always been interested in ours (we always have them with us filled with water where ever we go).  So he poured a little milk in it and low and behold....she LOVED it!  Since we finally found something for her to drink out of the next step was weaning her from nursing to only drinking from the CamelBak.

     I was a little worried that it would be a difficult transition, but like everything else she has adapted very quickly and easily.  She totally amazes me.  It think it was harder on me than on her.   I just make sure she gets enough milk throughout the day and especially before bed along with her dinner.  It's has been going good so far (only been 2 days since stopped nursing).  So now, I just pump milk for her and she drinks from her Big Girl bottle.  
     I am feeling so much better and happy that things are going to so well.

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